Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Maybe---Maybe not----tis a quandry

You would think buying a new car would be a simple choice of wanting a certain model, with certain features, in a certain color-----yeah righttt!!  It aint that easy, least not for this old dude.  First off havn't bought a new car in over 20 years, really couldn't afford it, as such I didn't frustrate myself by keeping current on what all is being offerred.  So now, have no background to even tell me what models are available.  Solution:---go round to all the car dealers and browse, and thats what I have been doing, and I have narrowed it down somewhat---but now I have to get into leather seats, or cloth seats, gps navigation or no, delux trim packages, or standard trip packages, and I don't even want to get into deciding what color the ultimate vehicle should be.---so to sum it up, as for buying a new car--??----A Honda?  maybe---maybe not, a Toyoto? maybe--maybe not--------but yes I am going to get a new car---just not sure what model, what features, or what color------my head hurts----stay tuned sportsfans.


  1. You will figure it out when you see it.FYI You have moved to the commentator spot on my blog! Woo Hoo!!!

  2. I agree with will know it when you see it. Think of this as an adventure....make some kind of game of it and hopefully your headache will go away.

  3. This is a fun adventure to be "on" with you. My only word of advice ... avoid fabric seats.


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