Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dana said to---so I did---and I just had to post this

-----I had of course had to check Dana's blog, hoping of course to see some signs of life, (I do believe she is slowly but surely crawling back to life from her Death bed. In anycase today she "advised" in her post that one should go visit Nikki's blog, "Blah, blah, blah", and so heeding Dana's advice I did so, and well I was impressed, made me kind of smile----and it inspired me to write this post, in response to Nikki's plaintive cry for suggestions. I suggest you all go visit Nikki's blog, then the rest of my post here will make sense----and HEY!!?---thanks Dana for the hot suggestion----(and I still say you should be drowning yourself in hot chicken soup! LOL)

Nikki,---some ideas of those things that you can put IN glass containers:

Not a very good pic, sorry, but underglass is an intricate "alice in wonderlandesque music box. (the glass not only makes it stand out, it keeps it dust free)

Hand me downs or "old" nostalgic toys also look good under glass. (Picutured here is an old Teddy Bear, which provenance claims came over the Oregon Trail, a bit over 100 years ago).

On the other hand some things just look great without anything in them:

I enoyed you blog have have added you to my blog roll list-----you might want to mention this to Dana, ------(I could use the brownie points)


  1. That was a cool ides. I like the new sites you have been on. Keep up the good work in finding new places to lurk!!

  2. I forgot you are not a lurker. Check out my new followers count that says how many comments any one person leaves on my site. You are at the top.

  3. Man oh man...who knew Dana had such cool friends! I wish she at least had been nice enough to tell me about you guys a long time ago...that wench! Gary I must say the "old toy" idea really has me thinking. That is the most unique and coolest idea of any I received. I'm gonna have to go scrounging around to see what I have. And you're right some things just look pretty empty. Thanks ever so much for the wonderful ideas...and thanks for linking to my blog. I'm totally blown away by the kindness. But I'm still gonna "whomp" Dana for not telling me about her great friends!

  4. Wait a minute. I get thanked AND whomped all on the same post? Gary, Gary, Gary. What are you doing to me buddy? I said VISIT NIKKI, not tell everyone about her. Did you SEE all the readers she has??????

  5. Hi Gary....just trying to catch up on some reading. I am definitely going to check out a couple of the blogs you have mentioned.


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