Monday, March 9, 2009

It's One of THOSE Mondays

I work up this morning to find the weather kinda bleak. more clouds than sun, and getting worse as the day progresses. The temps are more chillier than this old dude would prefer, no sitting on the patio and reading today. The stock market remains bleak, nothing exciting there to get involved with. I did manage to do a load of washing, but aside from glad its done, can't get much satisfation out of having done it.----In short its one of THOSE mondays. One just kinda works through it, hoping for a change to the better.
Part of the blahness today I suspect is the post let-down from the great time I had yesterday having Pete and Judi (MY nephew and his wife), stop bye and see my new place, now that I got all my stuff in place, (well most of it, the pictures still need to be hung). We ended the visit by going out for Dinner at the nearbye Olive Garden. I had heretofore never eaten at any of the Olive Garden restaurants, and I must say I found the experience quite pleasant and enjoyable. Our waitress was both professional, courteous as well as having a great personality and made the whole experience a great one. The food was quite good, the prices reasonable and of course I got to have this great experience in the company of really great people. (Next time I will opt with the Soup and Salad choice---three different soups, and all the salad you wanted, a big basket of breadsticks and rolls-----yeah I will definitely try that selection next time at the Olive garden.
Me thinks this afternoon I will throw myself into the mall and see if I can check off some things on my must have list----extra pillows to fill my new shams, and perhaps some new towels for my guest bathroom, (the ones I have although nice enough don't go with the color scheme I want for that room. Also while out, need to trackdown a dry cleaner for a large throw rug I kept from the old place that needs cleaning, and I guess too I should stop at the grocery store for a few things------tonight at least I will be able to put a dent in my backlog of Netflix movies and series I am watching.


  1. I had a great time too Gary. We have to do it more often. Now excuses now that you are closer. I will get that chili chicken recipe to you before I leave. I have to find it first. I ussally make it from memory. I want to make sure I give you the right quanity of ingredients.

  2. Glad you Pete and Judi had a nice time,speaking of olive garden my friend and I go there and always get the soup and salad and bread sticks, great lunch and you don't have to give them all your money.

  3. I love the soup, salad, breadstick lunch at Olive Garden. I'm glad you had a good visit with Pet and Judi. Sounds like you've been keeping pretty busy.


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