Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Schedule??---what schedule??

In my old life BT (before Temecula), I ran an organized scheduled life.  I was programed, example,  if I was at the fluff N fold, it had to be thursday 7-8:30 am.  Now in the new order, its structured chaos, my new life has yet to establish a modicum of a pattern.  I find this both exciting as well as disconcerting---wobbles the mind.  I suspect this is because I have yet to come to firm grips with the new life style. 
     Today for example, I got up at my normal time, (6:30ish AM), made a pot of coffee, made the bed, checked out the status of my stocks , and now find myself impatiently awaiting the delivery of the Head board which I purchased last Sunday. I would LIKE to go to the hardware store (Lowes), and see if I can find some decent greenery for my patio, but---gotta stay here at the apartment and wait for the delivery truck----they promised it would be between 8-12----well its now 10:22, and counting----. (sigh)
     Yesterday had that long talk with "Chuck: (aka Charles Schwab), and established an on-line stock account, and have started to buy some shares in this and that----watching ones stocks rise and fall is a bit of a nerve wrack----but that appeals to the masochist in me, as well as the little boy at Xmas side.  I also used the time to embellish my office documenting files, I now have files for everything, but now need to alphabetize them-----hmm maybe I will let that slide til tomorrow---kinda has a wednesday feel to it ----. (In case you havn't noticed, I am an expert procrastinator).
     Sunday last, along with getting my headboard, I also acquired a new blue ray DVD player, and now have it hooked up and working.  Managed to watch acouple of my Netflix discs, and complete season 1 of "Mad Men"  Having been without tv or a period of three weeks I have lost all concept of the plots on most of the shows, but now I got basic cable, am enjoying the new channels such as the history channel, the travel channels----and as I said above, I now got netflix working for me again.
     Guess I will take a break from toiling over this post, grab a cup of coffee, abandon myself to the patio, and relish the mouintain view and fresh air-----.


  1. At least you are busy. I can't wait to see the new headboard!!

  2. I think it's great you are living a some what unscheduled life! It's keeps everything interesting and new!

  3. Yeah I am pretty interested in seeing the new headboard when I return from my travels. Stay well Uncle Gary and until we see each other again.
    Keep on blogging!!!!

  4. We humans like to have routines in our lives but sometimes some changes are welcome and give us new interests. It's the "spice of life" isn't it ? Oh Gary, could you learn the french language 'cause sometimes it's difficult for me to find the right expression and say exactly what I mean. :o)

  5. Helene---you want me to learn French at MY age---I suppose its possible, but-----your talking to a guy that can't trill his R's when trying to speak spanish----so I don't know how successful such a goal would be? I could get a french to english dictionary, would that work? (lol)

  6. I also appreciate a level of routine that I can rely on. It's a lot more work when things are as predictable. I miss the fluff and fold stories already...

    The wait for someone to show up between 8 and 12 really stinks too...makes you feel trapped at home until someone else shows up, and I've never enjoyed that feeling personally.

    Looking good Gary! Still loving that dancing chicken btw...always puts a smile on my face. Cheers friend!

  7. Now, maybe it would be a little bit tedious for you to learn french but like french people say : il n'y a pas d'heure pour les braves ! literally translated : "there's no hour for brave men". Does that mean anything for you ? You can laugh ! :o)
    Your french friend speaking english like a spanish cow


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