Saturday, March 7, 2009


     I seem to be falling into something of a routine, part due to old patterns, and part due to new circumstances.  Today, Saturday, I sprung out of bed, bright eyed and bushytailed with nothing specifically planned or necessary to be done.  A whole  day stretched before me---I was bored before I even knocked back my glass of Apple Juice.
     The sun was shining off the surrounding mountains, another nice day here in Temecula, so grapping my keys I set out to treat myself to breakfast at Mimi's. (two eggs scrambled, whole wheat toast with orange marmalade, and decaf coffee.  I dawdled over my meal, consuming three cups of coffee, and then decided since I was almost already at the grocery store, (just the other side of the plaza ), to do my shopping for the week.  So soon enough I am hiking through the isles at Winco. (the place is huge, about the size of a football field I would guess).  Well, long story short, ( I know to late---), I gather up my purchases (one bags ones own groceries at Winco), and set forth back to home base.  There I put the groceries away, took out the trash, and sat down to catch up on my blogging world.  So far now I have killed two hours, its going on 10am.
     The thought occurs to me I should most likely do some house cleaning, but I find that my mood says no to that Idea (need to build up a bit more guilt before I get to that one).  So after posting this I have decided I will dive into the morning copy of investor's business daily and hopefully glean more financial, and economical news and statistical stuff to have a better understanding of how to deal with my investments, I now find myself watching the stock tickers and keeping a thumb on the economy---believe it or not, I do think it has a pulse-----see Walmart posted a new sales record, higher than the same period last year, the first time its managed that since April/08----perhaps the Market overall is about to reach its bottom and will rise lke a phoenix from the ashes----time will tell.
     This afternoon, I will venture back out into the world , this time to find the "OLD" library here in Temecula, which I understand has more books than the "NEW" one does----not sure that that matters as one can check books out and either one, and return them to either one.   I finished the two books I had checked out last week, and they need to go back, but I think I will not get any new books this time out, as I now have the "Investor's Business Daily" to read, along with a few online business articles to read, and too, all those many cable channels to investigate, and with my new DVD blue ray player, all those DVD's from Netflix to peruse-----hmm gonna have to get a LOT more guilt going before I get to the cleaning thing.---but then I have this insane fear of dustballs to worry about too.


  1. Try Penfolds (Old Town at Rancho California.) They do a good breakfast.

  2. It sounds like you have been busy!!


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