Monday, March 23, 2009

Good ole Blue

You kind of know when things are just right, no facts you can put your finger on, more or less just a gut feeling----well that's the way it is with old blue and me---we only just met Yesterday, but well as soon as I laid eyes on Blue, I just knew we would be good for each other.---Today Blue took me to breakfast, I was right proud to be in his company, later he and I went to Winco, my local dispensary of groceries, and I picked up a few things to finish out the week with, namely a 12 pack of O'doules, and a 12 Pack of Budd Natural light, and a bag of pretzels that was on sale---life is simple here in Temecula (lol).
The ride home was just darn enjoyable, what with being in company with Blue----yeah good old Blue and I are gonna be damn good friends-----life is good.

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