Sunday, March 22, 2009

Out of Step, and Out of my Mind

---I try, really try to be a good "go-a-long" kind of guy. I almost always am cognizant of the other guys argument, whether I agree with it or not, ---I almost always know the weakness in my views of things---and almost always I end up in the middle of the road. Yet somehow today I am finding myself out of step with the prevailing mood of the people, ---the economy is at a standstill, many of losing their jobs, or having their hours cut back---the government, preaching they want to help the people, now have taken the position that in that, having given them monetary loans, that they the government will dictate how much pay employees should be allowed----now people who had been clamoring at the gates for the government give a way are running screaming into the distance, it would seem the government has shot itself in the foot. The ultra left liberals in control are confused, and have lost whatever goals they thought they had in mind---its almost amusing to watch them scrambling around trying to find solutions, actually its kind of pathetic----the libs project trillion dollar deficits for years to come---and China, the biggest buyer of our debt, publically warns us they might not buy any more----now what sportsfans?----does this mean we have to live within our means?----which brings me back to my original thought for this post, and MY place in things.
Today I am going into the Honda dealers and negotiate the purchase of a new car---(as I type that my mind flashes on the old roman salute the gladiators gave the ruler of Rome---"We who are about to die, salute you")---sigh---. So here I am out of step with the general mood of the country, and pretty sure I must be out of my mind -----but I want a new car----don't confuse me with facts---damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead-------no-o-o!!---WAIT!!! (film at 11)


  1. Charge on!! Protect what you have and damn all those that have put our country in this position. Better get a gun, you may need it.

  2. New car fever. Just like new house fever, only it smells better.


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