Friday, March 6, 2009

The Next Big Thing

Its been one wild ride so far this year, selling the old house, moving to a new locale, getting settled in, and now I only have one major decision yet to resolve-----getting a new car. The old Truck (1994 Chevy S-10), is getting to be something of a problem, the cost of maintenance and the ever growing assessment that it could break down at any given time, means I need to bite the bullet and venture into the dreaded Car Lots.
I did put a toe in that water the other day (last tuesday to be specific), and dabbled on the computer, almost within 15 minutes my phone was ringing, and my email box was going nuts, from inputs from the various car dealerships---boy talk about one hungry crowd!!!? If thats the reaction one gets via the computer, I am not ready to walk in in-person and hint that I might be in the market for a new vehicle----would be like throwing blood into the water and starting a shark feeding frenzy!!----
The actual reason I am hesitating here is simply I am not sure what kind of car I want to get. I kind of like the feel of my truck (been driving it for the last 7 years, its comfortable like well worn slippers ya know?). On the otherhand while moving down to Temecula, had the experience of renting new cars and riding in them, and ooooooh yeahhhhh very nice. Then getting back in the old truck and -----well I gotta get a new car, but which model, what brand, decisions, decisions, decisions!! Worse, from where I am now living , have half a dozen Car Dealerships within five minutes drive----Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Saturn, Chevrelet, buick, ford, Mazda, Cadillac, and I am sure I missed acouple, hell I am new in town.
Then it occurs to me I have to renew my drivers license in April, what if I fail the test, and become licenseless?? -------what would I do with a new car then? I somehow feel that is nothing more than a pure procrastination excuse, I have no real fear of failing the driving test. I am one of those types that gets the book, reads it and then goes in for testing, besides, it may turn out all they want is to check my eyesight and get a new picture----which reminds me I AM needing to get my eyes checked, its been acouple years----(writing that down on my things to do list).
Well its friday, and I am thinking it might be best to hit the old grocery store and buy some vittles, so guess I will end this post at this point, and go do that.--------any thoughts on what kind of car this old dude should look at seriously?


  1. Of course you should be looking at the chev
    they are great and will run forever.
    love your headboard, I'm sure you will get things up and running soon.

  2. Are you looking for "brand new"? or "new to u"? I had the best experience at Car Max...I'm sure they have one near you Gary. They are not "high pressure" by any means...I really hate the pressure you get from most dealers. They were very helpful, let me test drive whatever cars I wanted and let me make my own decision. When my friend Rose wanted to get a new car I took her to Car Max and she had a simular experience and said she'd reccomend Car Max to anyone looking to purchase a new car. Just a suggestion....take it or leave
    PS...I love my PT Cruiser!

  3. I agree with sue carmax is great. But keep the environment in mind a get a cute little hybrid

  4. One word for you, Gary:


    The bigger, the better.

  5. I think you would like a small Mercedes or Acura sedan with heated seats. Wish I had those in may car. You can be really comfortable driving around on a cold day and not have to have the heater on. Of course you can get an American car but you won't have the quality but they have a lot of bells and whistles. If you are looking at small trucks the toyota is a great truck especially if you get the upgrades. Trucks are great as you can see and drive so much easier than a sedan and it's easier to get in and out of at our age.

    The headboard looks great and it must be satisfying to have accomplished so much in so little time. You are tuff-must be good genes.


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