Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just another nice day today

The sun is shining,  the birds are tweeting.  I have my apple juice, my coffee and my cereal---the market is not beating me up, ----just another nice day.  Yesterday I mentioned I had bought my first plant to help dress up my barren patio----figured a picture would give you a better idea of that, so here it is:

----------well as you can see I still have a ways to go before the patio is properly decored, ---time and money thats all it takes.


  1. It looks great. I will work on the crown of thorn clippings when I get back from my trip.

  2. What a great start to decorating your patio ... it looks really nice out there.

  3. I miss palm trees...but NOT California!
    It's a nice start Gary...I'll look forward to more plants and pictures.
    It was beautiful here yesterday, in the low 80's....we are expecting SNOW tonight...gotta love the weather

  4. Isn't it funny how just a touch of green can bring so much life into a space. And I'm glad you had a little sunshine to share it with a poor freezing Northerner? I hope tomorrow is as good or better for you and your sunshine!

  5. It's a good beginning, isn't it ? May I come for tea o-clock ? without sugar for me please...
    I've seen you "tested" my internet connection. In fact, there are troubles with the "Orange Live box". The connection works during 15-20minutes, then stops. We think it is necessary to replace it but you know how it is with the internet providers they delay, they always try to avoid to do the right thing when you call them so we will lost our time before that can be resolved.
    I must hurry to check my mails. See you another time, under the sun.

  6. That already looks like a lovely area to relax.

  7. The plant looks great, and the patio seems like a great morning spot!

  8. The plant looks good. Love the patio. I'm sure you'll have it fixed up in no time.

  9. Maybe you should get a bee-hive out there. It would certainly keep the neighbors away.

  10. The plant does look so great there!

    And you are so funny to call yourself "Old Dude." Lots of sense of humor here!

    I came here via Nikki Crumpet.

  11. Your comemnt on my blog just now cracked me up, Old Dude.

    I really gotta laugh at your self-given moniker as my husband is 67 and my parents 69 and 72 respectively - and all 3 of them seem super-young to me!

    You don't be a stranger either round my humble blog either, y' hear, y'all! Actually I'm a transplanted Canuck, eh. Been here in Austin for 19 years almost, eh.

    I've put you in my Favs now and will be back!


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