Thursday, March 5, 2009

THE ON-GOING SAGA (with pics no less)

OKAAY!, today people I have more pics of the new digs. I hope I am not boring you all with all these posts about me and mine, but well kinda like showing my new place off, as I am finding it getting better and better . anyway today I give you pics of the master bedroom, please remember I just moved in and have a ton of things to do to complete the decor---like hang up pictures, or in today's case, you'll notice I have not added the required extra pillows with shams to the bed----still on my list of things to go out and acquire.----
The dreaded headboard pic

and here are a couple more shots of the Master bedroom,

well I warned ya that things are still a bit raw here----but give me time people, one can't just slap up pics willy nilly---one needs to understand the lighting and determine what the space calls for----or one runs the risk of living in an unbalanced invironment----and you know how bad that can be---so trying my best to avoid that pitfall. (lol)


  1. Its looking good. Will your bookshelves always be that neatly arranged?

  2. I love it Gary!! It looks great to me! I can't wait to see it in person!

  3. You have such a lovely home Gary ... I'm enjoying the tour. Keep the pictures coming!

  4. Granny Annie: Them bookshelves are the result of me unpacking boxes and putting stuff on shelves as best I could find space, the books are not in any order, and I suspect I have waay to much brick-a-brak in front of them,---the shelves also need dusted ---something for me to do on a rainy day---and it don't rain that often in these parts. (lol)

    Kathi D.: The quilt is a dark charcoal brown with black accents, the sheets which don't show in the pic, are beige, the other set of sheets are wine red, but now that you mention it black ones WOULD be interesting.

  5. Well, shoot. I thought it was all black! Your color scheme sounds better than all black, though.

  6. Your place looks great! I love what you've done with the bookcase. It's great to see books displayed but also surrounded by pretty just makes for a really lovely display! I'm impressed!


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