Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama Watching---or "As The Stomach Churns"

A large number of citizens watch the day to day actions of our duly elected President, and of course the media is always on him, waiting for anything that smacks of news. Unfortunately as I watch ----I hear echos of all the campaign rhetoric saying he was inexperienced, his views naive, etc, etc. etc. Now we know how fast he pushed a bill through the congress to throw money at the financial crisis, he wanted it, he got it, he signed it----------guess he didn't read it first? NOW he is unhappy because the money given to AIG , some small percentage of it was given as bonus monies to those employees who worked their butts off to earn it. so NOW the congress in a fit of angst, has passed a bill to tax these bonuses. I am trying to understand how the congress feels it knows how to run AIG----seems the "State" will now tell AIG, and all the other companies that took the handouts how to do business-----I wonder how incentivized employees will be at those companies, now knowing that the Government will determine if they should be given bonuses -----ain't this like communism, where the state runs everything?


  1. I'm still confused with the fact they passed a bill that no one seemed to completely read before passing. I just do not understand that.

  2. I just read both of your latest blogs. The car looks great and you will have fun driving it. I never use the moon roof on our cars, too much sun during the day and who can look up at the stars when you are driving. Regarding the bonuses, they are a little out of control. I don't begrudge anyone for getting one but no one is worth that much money but neither are sports stars. I just want our money to stay with us but I guess that isn't going to happen. Does anyone know what percentage of people vote? I am disgusted with all the people that are complaining but don't take the time to vote. I think California is going to revolt anytime. Did you know that Nancy Pelosi spends $460,00 a month for her transportation back and forth from "work" in Washington.

  3. We call him O Blah disrespect of course. :-)


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