Sunday, March 15, 2009


My new life, here in Temecula, so far has been a most positive one, but then its only been something less than a full month. It occurs to me I am playing the game (life that is), more or less one day at a time----and so far each day has allowed, impulsive activities, which BT (Before Temecula) had not been a part of my daily routines. My earlier life style was rigidly structured, my new one seems to be just the opposite-----and I am finding the new life style both adventurous and exciting, and yet kind of unnerving----I'm operating without a net here!!(LOL)
I assume at some point, things will settle down and become more predictable, or at least happen when they are scheduled to happen, but then again who knows, maybe this wild unplanned , damn the torpedo's, full speed a head style will prevail----?? Hmm, Can I , or should I plan on that? How does one plan for unscheduled happenings?? I guess one just gets up each morning, brushes their teeth, gets dressed, and then-----see what happens?? Like I said, that makes for a most interesting approach to each day---but then a life without structure is Chaos--not sure I can live that way for very long. I obviously am a bit mad of late----its been fun, but I know it can't continue---I mean what if I get up, brush my teeth, get dressed, and then NOTHING happens??-----so a person just has to have plans for each day, just in case nothing happens if for no other reason.
So having said all the above, I will continue to more or less structure my day with possible plans and activities, but also attempt to remain flexible and go with whatever comes up. Eventually I am sure my life here in Temecula with put in place a new paradigm, and a sense of being in control of my life will return---meanwhile I am enjoying the ride.


  1. I am sure glad you are in Temecula. I do think things will settle down. The girls were asking about the old dude!

  2. "How does one plan for unscheduled happenings??"

    For those who have to plot every moment of their day you set aside, say, an hour a day for "unscheduled happenings". After all, if any unscheduled happenings of any worth want to be part of the day, alotting them an hour should be more than adequate.

    My wife likes to have every minute accounted for. Me, well, every day is a series of unscheduled happenings with the few scheduled moments I have to deal with squeezed in here and there.

    You'll find your rhythm. Takes time.

  3. Though we lead a pretty structured life ... we are pretty impulsive here at our house.

    For instance ... most times we have no idea what we are going to do on Monday, Wednesday and Friday after breakfast. It's usually decided over breakfast.

    Tuesday and Thursday are very structured as far as time ...

    It's nice to lead an semi-unstructured/scheduled life.

    I agree with MrMacrum ... you'll find your rhythm and what works for you.

  4. I am in such awe of your new life, everything seems to be working itself out and so will your schedule. don't sweat it, just let it happen.

  5. We love our very unstructured life. It takes a while to adjust but it's well worth adapting. I believe you need a chicken or two. Urban chickens are quite the thing these days and fresh eggs are a delight. Look into that fun project:)

  6. Granny Annie, well thats not a bad idea, if my investments don't pan out, might be a good thing to have a little egg business going on the side----lol

  7. First off...I'm jealous of the structureless life you're living now. I'm sick of my rigid boss who expects me to show up to work 5 times a week...sheesh man lighten about a little flexibility! But I'm happy for you that you get to live on the edge and take one day as it comes hurling at you...just remember to wear clean just never know!!!

  8. It sounds like getting up, brushing your teeth and getting dressed IS structure. And as long as you can maintain that as being the ONLY structure in your day, I say "more power to you!"

    My days are SO STRUCTURED that if I miss seeing the same commercial that I saw at the same time yesterday, my entire day is ruined.

  9. I say go with the flow. You life will structure itself as you go on. Of course, at this point in time, mine is pretty structured. Just enjoy every day to the fullest.


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