Friday, March 27, 2009

"A Meme-a-day, A Meme -a-day----The Lion sleeps tonight---

----sorry folks, my mind is easy to wobble out of its normal orbit---the play on words of the title to this post is a ripoff from the hit song done by the Kingston Trio, in the fall of 1955---was the year I escaped living at home and made my abode the dorm at the University of Colorado, free from Parental overview----I will say no more about THAT.

My fellow blogger MRMacrum, selected me along with five others to participate in a Meme, if I have a problem with that its only because he just blurted out he tagged me cause he KNEW I would play-----(don't ya love it when your taken for granted?)----(and don't ya hate it even more when you know they were right?)

Now MRMacrum in his response to the meme, started his out by admitting the concept of randomness kind of through him for a loop, how does one identify what is random as simply something you have done before but maybe not in a while---aw hell he says it much better, so go read his post (<----click on red link to get there). I at first thought he was making much ado about nothing, but now I'm tagged and ------yeahh can see the problem now. Since he has told the world that I am tagged, and told the world that I will play the game----its not like I can pretend I never knew about it----(sigh)---okayyyyy six (6) random things about me. (the hard part is to identify which six of so many to write about).

1) I love people who are not afraid to state their opinions, to which I almost always polarize and take an opposite view ----this almost always comes across to them and those listening , as sarcasm, belligerent, or belittle ling----occasionally its seen as being witty. It never ceases to amaze me that people have no sense of humor and take me seriously. (guess its a good thing I am 6'-2", 190#)

2) I, if having to choose one , would rather read a good book, than watch Television---I have no rational explanation for the fact that I am the owner of a 42" HD Plasma television.---now with a blue ray DVD player attached. Like I know where both the public Libraries are in Temecula, but ain't got a clue as to where the Social Security office is---is that weird or what?

3) I sometimes, more frequently that I want to admit, allow myself to spend ungodly amount of time trying to decide weird things like: What is the proper way to eat a Patty Melt w/grilled onions Sandwich in Public---I mean should the onions be on top when you bite into it , or on the bottom under the beef patty? I checked, Emily Post never said anything on that topic.

4) I am stiff suffering from going through "Stages"----I equate this to the fact that being an adult I am terribly aware of the gaping holes in my education, and when it almost always happens I fall into one of those ignorant pot holes, I over compensate and go into crash mode to fill the hole, and then have to announce to all I can pigeon hole and preach to them my new found knowledge on the subject that shortly before I was totally ignorant of---I of course do this in a manner that implies if YOU don't know these things, there is something wrong with you. (this is an offshoot of No. 1 above).

5) I personally think I come across in the real world as one of the characters from Oz, Sometimes I am "The Scarecrow", other times "The Cowardly Lion", and yet on other times, "The Tin Man"------I am sure however should you ask my friends, they might well come up with completely different images of me. I took enough Psychology in school, to know, its not uncommon for people to "Think" they are appearing one way, whereas the world sees, them differently----the question is?----are the people around you reacting to you the way you want them too----rather than are you reacting the way you THINK they want you to, or the way you want to?----Oh my gawd, I just heard an opinion, polarized with it, and am now arguing with myself. ---!!!!.

6) I have to confess, I just LOVE Yogi Berra-isms-----its amazing how many one can hear, when listening to people talk, and they are totally unaware they are doing it. What you ask is a Yogi Berra-ism? How do I explain---First off Yogi Berra was a baseball player for the New York Yankees, as an athlete he became famous---and he would make statements, which today are considered classics, ---for example, Yogi would be asked about a famous restaurant in New York, and his response was, "Oh nobody goes there anymore, its to crowded"----anyway such inane remarks make me laugh. and I love to laugh.---I wish people would learn to relax and let go and laugh more---everyone is so uptight and serious these days.

Now according to the rules of this meme, I have listed my six random things about myself above, and now I have to select six others to play the game---some will, the Lazy ones will make some excuse not to, and some will cop out they won't nominate six others to pass it on to, and deny us the possibility of knowing their friends better----however the lucky six are (and oh, you have to notify them they have been tagged), ----

1. Alexi---shes young, she's vivacious, and if you can't think of six random things Alexi, just
ask Phil for a list, and talk about those than you can talk in public about. (lol)

2. Drucie----A fellow Bloggerite, who lives right here in Grand Old Temecula---She's a lawyer, and it should be most interesting to learn how Lawyers do "random".  You should read her posts about Temecula, better than the stuff they put out at the chamber of commerce, and thats a fact. (the Defense Rests your Honor!)(LOL).

3. Helene,  (My good French Friend), many of you enjoy the pheenomenal water colors she
produces, and who apologizes for her English----(she does English better than I do for
crying out loud. (lol). The French invented randomness, so her answers should be a
delight to read.

4. Sadi, who never has a problem speaking out----let the pieces fall where they will right


5. Granny Annie, because anybody who can write posts about raising baby chickens and
make it good reading has got to have some real depth to them----come on Annie, tell us.

6. Matt. I do like the bizarro way he has of presenting his posts , which by definition are
Radomness personified.


1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

So, as the sun sinks in the west, (nothing random about that)----I will mosey out to the kitchen and do my best to prepare my evenings repast (tonight it will be hot roast beef sandwiches, mashed potatoes and I think peas---but I reserve the right to make it green beans, depends on what is in the larder to be honest)


  1. Sweetums, most people look at the names listed under a meme hoping to see theirs underlined. I, on the other hand, read your choices and breathed a sigh of relief and knew I could keep on loving you for NOT mentioning me.

  2. Okay boss, my meme is up.

    I learned a lot about you from yours. From your picture I would not have guessed you are 6'2" tall. Could it also be said you are a tad bit OCD? I recognize it by some of my own qualities like worrying over how to eat a patty melt. We just never know who is out there do we?

  3. Yeah I guess it was taking you for granted on the meme thing. But I have never seen you to have the courage to refuse one. Admit it. You like them. Even the lame ones. You just like interacting with people Old Dude. And that's a good thing in my opinion. No matter where we differ and we do do have differences, I know and I hope you know we both are just here for the fun of it.

    Good post on this by the way. Yogi Berra indeed. I now see the fork in the road and will now take it.

  4. I can't resist a chance to talk about myself so I immediately did this one. Thanks for thinking of me! Juliet's Six Things.

  5. haha - now I have to actually use my brain on a Saturday... :p Oh well, I guess I wasn't doing anything better anyway, huh? lol

  6. Eh Old Dude, You're very busy while I was working on my new website (yes I know a new one again !) I would like to play the game but the problem is to find 6 things about me ! so I am going to brainstorm and see, when the week is out, if I can write something interesting of course !

  7. and Gary, My GOD, you're 1,90m ! Waoh ! it's practical to paint ceilings and change the bulbs of the chandelier !

  8. well ceiling fans make me awful nervous.


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