Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday 03/10---A RED LETTER DAY

     Today, this old dude awoke to blue skies and lots of sunshine, that in itself makes it a great day, but having my morning shot of apple juice , a couple hot muffins, compliments of my niece Tish, (who is currently in Europe, "doing" Sicily), and armed with a cup of fresh made coffee, I sat down to survey the status of my investment portfolio, and VOILA!! ---the damn thing was up 5.5%, , a most pleasant change from the previous week when it fell some 3.8%.  My faith in my research and convictions boldly underscored, I did a little happy dance on the patio, not unlike the dancing chicken you see on the left side of this blog page. (lol).---but theres more----
     The happy feeling permeating my body and mind, I left the abode, and approached the one and only Dry Cleaners I have found todate, and determined that Yes, they could clean my 60" round throw rug, it would take a week, but I didn't care, ---success, I would get the damn thing cleaned and fit for the floor of my guest bath---the cost was a bit of a shock, but hey I can't let costs rule my life style---(I think I am working on the "build it they will come" model).----but wait there ius still more---.
     Giddy with success at finding a place to clean my rug, I then decided to act  on my "want list", and I went to Lowe's hardware and dallied in the Plant department-----the idea being my patio needs some decor, got the patio furniture, but all those bare walls and empty spaces, screaming for plants----I did have to restrain myself a bit, and so after much see-sawing mentally back and forth, ended up buying a four foot tall cluster of Queen's Palm, and a decorative pot to put it in---total investment in Patio decor $33.53----well its a beginning-----.and yes there is more sportsfans----
     I succeeded in bringing home my patio plant without tipping it over, got it placed on the patio just so, and then I went and checked out my mail for the day, at the clubhouse across the drive and lo and behold, what should I receive, along with the normal five pounds of throw away crap, but a refund from AT&T from my old phone account.   YES today was truly a RED LETTER DAY.----LIFE IS GOOD.


  1. Wow! What a great day...all the planets were aligned in your favor for sure.
    Glad to hear that things are going your way Gary..you deserve it. Here's hoping tomorrow is even BETTER~ if that's possible.

  2. Glad you had such a great day,things can only get better.
    I know you are loving your new place.


    Sounds like things are coming together for you and your new home. Thanks so much for the nice words and encouragement you have been giving me on my blog! It's always nice to hear a mans point of you and a non scrapper! LOL

  4. I knew you would begin to come around. You seem to upbeat most days to do otherwise.

  5. I am glad today was a good day!!

  6. Oh happy day in Temecula! Now if I just had your address.......

    And sweetums, LIFE IS GOOD with a friend like you.


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