Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Day After, The Day after Thanksgiving 2008

Greetings From Matilija---
My apologies for not posting sooner, but I went heavy into the turkey and was in the inevitable "Turkey Lethargic Haze" that one can not avoid from such acts of gluttony. (I plead guilty, as I don't get such great food at home!!) The gathering was terrific, and aside from eating way more than I should have, spent several most pleasant hours mingling with ALL my nieces and nephews, their wives and husbands, their children and the children's children, and a number of family friends. If this family gets much bigger, we will have to start renting out restaurants or social halls for these todo's. (lol)

I took over a dozen pics , which I had planned to bore you all to death with posting them, but a few moments ago, I loaded them into the old "puter" and alas and alack, most of them came out blurry and are not fit to be printed. The lesson the old dude here now has learned is to review each pic as taken, delete the ones not fit to be printed, and take new ones at the time (sigh).

The gathering was held at my Niece Melanie's home in Redlands. When feeding a mob of 35 or so, it was not a formal sit down, but served Buffet style, and as at all our family gatherings, it was not possible to get a portion of everything offered on one's plate, one was forced to go back for seconds to complete one's sampling of all the offerings----and this was before the desserts came forth!! (lol)----unfortunately it was all superb, and my compliments to the cook(s), and a "Hats off" to you Mel for all the effort you put forth in making it such a great day.

Here are a few of the pics that I did manage to salvage, this first one is a pic of the entrance hall to Melanie's, and gives you a modest idea of how wonderfully decorated it was for the occasion.  I just hope the click make bigger thingy works.

The rest of the pics that follow are of my family the nieces, nephews, wives and husbands etc etc etc.

Bill (Our Host) with friends

Here's my Niece Gabriel (who lives in Phoenix) and yeah thats me, hamming it up for the camera

My Niece Tish
Jennifer, my Nephew Eric's wife, and Patrick, my Niece Gabriel's husband Patrick
I'm afraid all the other pics came out badly, due to the lack of camera savvy on my part, and hope at the Christmas gathering at Edward's (my oldest Nephew) in Corona that I achieve much better results.


  1. Great photos. Everyone had a great time. Looking forward to the Gil Olympics.

  2. Nice photos, Gary. I'm glad you guys had a great time.

  3. I happy you were able to enjoy your time with family over the holiday.
    Melanie has a beautifully decorated home.. so festive!
    I still want to know what the heck are the "Gil Olympics"?

  4. Where was Judi?? Your nieces are gorgeous. But cooking for 35 people? Have they never heard of something called catering?? arghhhh

  5. Looks like everyone had a great time.

    Is there something special that needs to be done to have the *click make bigger thingy* work?
    Yours worked fine but any of the pictures I have ever posted on my blog are always the same size after clicking.

    Bear((( )))

  6. What a great gathering. Melanie's house is beautiful as are all your nieces and niece in laws. Good looking family (Uncle Gary included). I'm so glad you enjoyed your day.

  7. I put a picture of us Gary on my blog. I didn't take any pictures. Alexi took them all for me. I can't wait for Christmas. It was a great had by all!!

  8. Sue: The "Gil-Olympics" consist of teams competing in a series of fun events, the team with the highest combined score wins, and get their names on the Trophy. The fun events are things like target shooting with a BB gun, a game of pool, Darts, and ring toss. I would have won the last time but unfortunately my team scratched on the 8 ball shot-----(sigh). (the teams are made up of Pairs of people, usually boy/girl---and makes for a fun time by all.

  9. You have a great looking family there Gary, glad to hear you had too much turkey (I'm not the only one...)

    Btw, you've been tagged, again. Yes again. Just because I know you'll do something fantastic with it. But feel free to decline if you have too much on your plate. (see what i did there, I made funny...plate...)

  10. Ah Gary, You seem to have a funny and very convivial Thanksgiving. I'm glad for you and happy to see your pictures that you generously shared with us, your "followers"...

  11. Hey Gary ... as you know, we've been away on vacation and I'm just getting caught up on my blog ready. I'm "back" this week and will be visiting daily as usual.

    Melanie's house is gorgeous! Two Christmas trees ...that's amazing!!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed time with your family.

    Hugs to you!


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