Sunday, November 30, 2008

Okay I got tagged---so now I'm "IT"

My blogging buddy Wayne tagged me, and I don't wish to be a drag on the party, so will play the game----

First I gotta give ya the rules of the game and they are as follows. (don't get tensed up, the rules are simple and easy to follow)

1. Identify the party that tagged you, and leave a link to their blog page, and before you post your response, post these rules on your blog . (what?? you don't know how to create a link? let me know will try and teach ya how to do that)

2. Now share seven (7) random/weird facts about yourself.

3. Tag seven (7) others, and create links to each of their blogs

4. Now having complied with the three rules up above, your almost done, all thats left to be done is to go to each of the persons you tagged, and alert them that you have tagged them by leaving a comment on their blogs.

(okay I have identified who tagged me, made a link to his page, so now I gotta put up seven wierd facts about myself----hmm this could take some time---I need a few people---actually what I need is a beer----BRB)   okaaaay here we go-----

1. I get uptight with people who ask me for my opinion of something and then after I give it,
proceed to disagree with me, and argue about it.

2. Start cooking something only to find I don't have all the ingredients necessary to finish the
job. (in my case like Denny Crane---I blame it on the "mad cow")

3.  I have a propensity to view both sides of a given topic, that is to weigh the pros and cons, and in doing so end up unable to state with any sincerity my own opinions---which I think makes me come off as being a person without convictions.-----a neutral nebisher (bah humbug)

4.  I like parties, but hate crowds

5.  I like feeling my life is moving to accomplish whatever goals I have in mind---and thusly I get very uptight when I find myself faced with indecisive moments, example, right now know I will be moving in the monthes ahead, but at this point in time, do not know where, do not know what to keep, or sell or give away, and the clock is ticking------(but I know in time this will ultimately come to a conclusion----eventurally, but til then---yuk!!

6.  It irritates the hell out of me hearing advertisments promoting this is or that credit card telling you the more you spend the more you save --(for each 100 dollars you charge we will give you 2.00 back or similiar fuzzy thinking)

7.  I am not a good listener---people start to talk, and even before they are finished my mind had leaped ahead and I interrupt them with my response before they finish, only to find had I waited and listened properly that my response was incorrect, or at best merely underlining what they were saying all along.  A most annoying trait I have been unable to break.

Alright, enough about this old dude-----so who am I going to tag?? (hey where did everyone go??), and the winners are:  hmmm, I think I will not tag anyone---but (big grin on my face) anybody wanna volunteer?   I double dare ya ! (lol)


Speak up, don't be a nebish---your opinions do count.