Sunday, November 23, 2008

Laid Back--but not comotose

I was asked what I had planned for this weekend, and I kinda didn't know quite how to describe this weekend. Having pondered the question some, and now the weekend is about over, I guess I have to say I had no plans for the weekend, and as such it was THAT kind of weekend. The highlight of the weekend so far has been my tackling the concept of making French toast, something I had never done before---so with wild abandon, I dragged out the old Betty Crocker and got the recipe, big deal, called for eggs and milk, and day old bread---no real surprise there, in that I have eaten French toast since I was a mini-kid.

Anyway I had all the ingredients in the old larder, and gave it a shot, and the end product was pretty good, not great---not bad, I like to think my first attempt came out closer to my grandmothers French toast than the forgettable fried bread most coffee shops put out. Next time it will be better, will do the powdered sugar bit , maybe add a touch of cinnamon. That was last night (Saturday)

Now today (Sunday), allowed myself to sleep in til 8:15am, got up made coffee, took a nice long hot shower, and have played on my blog page here ,did Missy's "99" challenge, (see next post down from this one), played with the stereo in the living room and settled on a country western station, ----drank a glass of milk mixed with dark chocolate Instant breakfast, cleaned out the LP's car, in preparation to giving it to a charity, ----walked around the backyard and came across a damp spot, that shouldn't be damp and now suspect I might have a plumbing leak with the outside plumbing to the back yard sprinkler and pool systems---(sigh), am ignoring it for the moment, but will have to check it out in a few days, after thanksgiving, unless it becomes more serious between now and then.

I have an appointment with my lawyer for 11/26, and hopefully can get started on resolving all the legalities of things----the terms of the LP's will are such that I have to survive him by 30 days, before anything can be legally concluded or initiated. Til then I just mope around, trying to come to grips with what has to be, and try and get things clear in my head of what I want to do with the rest of my life------right now I can't even decide what I will have for dinner tonight (lol).

Later tonight will watch some television, and be back in bed by 11:30pm---one more day gone. I don't have any plans for Monday, aside from having Coffee with my friend Midge, and oh yeah a trip to the library to return books, which I haven't read, can't seem to focus on anything long enough -----to many balls up in the air, my mind seems to have about a 30 second attention span, then takes off on another topic.

Sorry about this rambling post---allowed me to kill another 30 minutes---maybe later I will actually come up with something more interesting.


  1. Thought about you tonight when we had dinner. It is a very easy and tasty dish. Pour a small can of tamales (we use large can) in a microwave dish with a lid. Pour samll can whole kernel corn (we use large can) over the tamales. Heat for 5 to 8 minutes and serve with sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, jalepeno peppers and/or hot sauce.

  2. Hey I like tamales, so will give your suggestion a road trip, (you have a preference between chiken or cheese tamales?)

  3. Don't forget the Vince flynn books. he is an awesome writer and trust me you won't be able to put his books down. 24 is on tonight (Sunday). They haven't been on in a couple of years so I am anticipating the two hour series starting at 8. See you this Thursday. Come early! Gabby and Patrick will be there and we can get a start on the festivities early.


  4. Here is the first (and probably not the last) tip you'll get for DELICIOUS french toast:

    You're leaving out the part that gets your tongue happy.

    Mix your eggs and enough milk to get a smooth consistency with the eggs. Then put in a spoonful of sugar and a large dash of cinnamon's the kicker: about 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla.

    When it's done however you like it, and some people like it crunchy, some like it soggy (ugh) sprinkle that confectioners sugar til you're happy.

    How much sugar? etc.? Well, for me and Joe, I would use two jumbo eggs, about 1/2 cup of milk and a heaping teaspoon of sugar.

    The best bread is something hard and crusty like Italian or French bread. Not that mushy regular stuff.

    And don't forget I love ya.

  5. Gary, What do you mean with French toast. I suspect but maybe I'm wrong, it is called here in France "Pain Perdu" that is to say if you translate literally : lost bread (old bread). It's a recipe to accomodate the rests of bread with milk, sugar and butter. You fry bread (dipped in mix of milk, egg and suggar) and fry in a pan. It's an excellent and very economic dessert.
    Now, on the other subject of you post. You say you do not know what you will do with the rest of your life now LP's gone. You know Gary you need time to reflect and think of this. In France, after a mourning we say we have to "faire son deuil" that is to say, it is necessary to have time to say goodbye, to think and recognize the missing person. You cannot expect to be in control of your life just after a few days. I think you are very brave and I am sure that all your friends and followers think the same. We are here to support you. :))

  6. I just dropped in to say hi.. found your blog through some links.. I liked the way you described your day to day life.

  7. Gary you always have something interesting to say. I can't wait to see you on Thursday. It is going to be a great day.

  8. Sorry I missed you to!
    As I was reading the recipes others left for you (I already told ya the vanilla thing) I remembered what I called French Toast as a child.... Cooked Bread. Silly aye?
    Tish mentioned 24...are you a fan? I love that show..although I missed the one last night. Luckily Jeff recorded it so I can watch it later.


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