Thursday, November 13, 2008


I was reviewing my blog roll and catching up on current postings and came across Sadie's current post, where she confessed to having an addiction to salted nuts, cashews to be more specific.----so as that post rattled away in my head, I am thinking ---hmmmm, I got this big jar of almonds, and all those cold O'Douls in the fridge, and will be watching a movie tonight and----, well Sadie, what good are addictions if you can't feed em once in awhile----eeeeeeeehawwwww!!!!


  1. haha - I was just looking at my blog list and saw this. I almost chocked on my POM juice. What movie are you watching? I'm watching Hell's Kitchen...

  2. OMG
    You had to mention that word.
    Some day you will have to visit me and see Monsieur Bear and I physically fighting over the cashews tin.
    (Did I mention I love Christmas, this is when our son and daughter try to get a better placement in the will by giving us cashew gifts.)

    Bear((( )))

  3. I used to buy pistachios in the shell, then one day I spent $7 for a sack of them unshelled. I can only say that the celebration was worth the price.

  4. Unless your talking about smoking....right.

    Speaking of beers, I think I'll grab me one. I deserve it I think...hell, even if I don't, I'm getting a beer.

    Thanks for helping me out with that Gary. I know I can count on you.


  5. Cashews and beer....where was I???? Oh yeah on the other coast. I hope you had some for me.

  6. I am with you Gary. That sounds like as good an addiction as any.

  7. Love cashews, nuts and most definately peacans. The beer I can live without.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your snack!

  8. O'Douls is for all practical purposes a non-alcoholic beverage (the labels says 1/2 of 1% by volume----and only 65 calories---a guy could starve to death trying to get high on this stuff.

  9. Love the blue diamond almonds. I think it's the salt but cashews are a nut in a special category YUM! I can do without the beer. Wine does nicely. I have a great cashew nut casserole from when I was a vegetarian. Love what the bear had to say. At least his family is trying.

  10. I am a fan of cashews myself. I think we all have some sort of food addiction.


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