Monday, November 17, 2008

--The Next Day----TADAAAA!!!

Monday, the day after the Gardner and House Keeper have done there thing----gone, all my dust balls are gone, I can see my foot prints in the knap of the carpet, my tables all shine, the house permeates with furniture polish odors etc, etc. and the back yard is once again something to be proud of------and here's the proof ( a few before and after shots for ya, along with a pic of Lolo and his Wife-----

Before Pruning:

Lolo at work:
and heres how it looks right now: (yeahhhh!!)
-------and here below are the hard workers that keep my yard looking great and my house sans dust balls.----Heliodoro Silva (aka Lolo) and his lovely wife Maria.


  1. Wow, great before's and after's -- he did a great job.

  2. They did a wonderful job Gary! Do you use the pool much? We used ours quite a bit the first couple of years but now not so much. They are a b*** to keep up
    How was the lunch? Still thinkin of those egg salad sands..mmmmmmmm..

  3. Your pool looks very inviting ... can you swim in it this time of year?

  4. What a great couple. I'm sure you feel better with everything taken care of for awhile. My dust bunnies always find a way back into the house soon after I've chased them out. Your pool looks so inviting (even in the before pics).

  5. Yes one can swim in the pool year round here in southern california, its equipped to be heated, but I no longer use the pool, and your right, its a real pain in the ass to maintain---but then thats why Pool Services were invented.

  6.'ve got a pool. Awesome! My family and I hadn't decided on a summer vacation spot...but you zoomed to the top of the list.


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