Monday, November 17, 2008

--Inquiring minds need to know----

I have been a miss in not acknowledging a few important favors that have been done for me of late, and so I must take the time to address my negligence. Since I lost my companion of many years---I have been flooded with condolences, cards and people stopping bye, neighbors having me over for dinners, and bringing me cupcakes and all. So in no particular sequence allow me to verbalize my gratefulness. To My neighbors Nick and Helen Pappas, thank you ever so for the beautiful flowers. To Smitty and Virgina Smith, thank you for having me across the street for Dinner , it was delicious. (and so were the leftovers you sent me home with). My thank you too, to my other Neighbors Jane and Brian, for your kind words and for the most tasty Cupcakes, made for a most pleasant late night snack while watching TV alone---which I guess I will eventually get accostumed to--(sigh).

I must too, acknowledge those members of the family---Melanie who drove the 75 miles from Redlands to my house to assist me with the Forrest lawn arrangements,and who also brought med a quart of great chili ---(I'd like the recipe if you would be so kind ??), and of course I also need to mention my other Niece Tish, who drove up from Irvine some 60 miles, to be with me in those first number of hours, dealing with the 911 people, the police, and calling Forrest lawn to come -----, and who came back a couple days later to take me to Lunch and brought me a dozen of her famous tasty muffins----I am allowing myself a couple muffins a day with my morning coffee-----PHEEnomenal!!

No doubt there are others I should speak of who have been here for me when I needed support, which I haven't mentioned here-----and I will be giving you my thanks in the very near future.



  1. You have many people that care about your Gary. It's nice you have such wonderful neighbors, friends and family.

    Take care,

  2. How lucky you are to have such wonderful, caring family and neighbors. And for them to be so supportive at times like this.

  3. It is nice to have family to help!!

  4. Gary, you have found a place in so many lives and hearts and if you had EVER given me your address, you would have had a card from me on several occasions. Not just this one.

  5. just knowing you there is all I need to know Dana---again, thanks

  6. `Its because you are such a great man!! And nowadays its tough to find wonderful neighbors and I am sure without a doubt you have been wonderful to them. Good acts never go by unnoticed.


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