Saturday, November 1, 2008


It took me the better part of an hour, only because I am slow and ignorant of html coding methodologies---and I didn't want to screw up what I had already had in the way of a blog. However , with a tight stomach, and careful typing I followed the instructions and it seems I have successfully resized my original mimima blogger template and reconfigured it to a three column style, from the original two column template I had begun my blogging with some 7 monthes ago.

In my quest of new stuff, I stumbled across a good blogging tips site, and found the instructions to make this change. Instructions are available for a number of the templates, so for those of you wanting to make a change heres the blog to go to-----> Blogger Tips

For those 0f you who are regular readers of my page, you will notice I have made some deletions of widgets , this was due to the fact that in resizing my columns, the width of my sidebars was reduced to 150px , and as such some of the widgets I had been using no longer fit.(the price one pays to have three columns) However I much prefer this three column layout over the two column one I had been making use of.

So now that I have two sidebars now to play with---I will be busy experimenting and adding and substracting stuff as I learn----hope you readers will like the changes and additions. keep them cards and letters coming------(lol)


  1. Good job Gary...I see the button I made for you made it in the new formatting. I was gettin ready to go make another one (smaller) if it didn't fit!

  2. I got to your post by the way of Grannie Annie. I just started blogging,I can write and post and that's about it. Theres nothing on the sides of my blog. Stop by and vist me, if you like!

  3. I love the 3 column look on you. Very flattering. I may have to check it out. I have so much stuff on just my two columns. I'll be pondering that. Thanks for the info.

  4. Gary, you want to know if your readers like your new template. As I am a regular one, I say, I like it. You play with the htlm code. You're a pro now !


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