Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sex and the Single Blogger

Matt,  as those who follow his blog  ("That Tears It--) is about to lay a post on us newbies informing us of the use of optimized search phrases and keywords in increasing ones traffic to our blogs. All that fancy language boils down to what most Madison avenue PR types have known since hector was a pup-----SEX sells.

The key of course is how to have a sexy blog, but at the same time, have a blog that doesn't have to come with xxx rating warning . A blog your parents and friends can read, and not go away with the impression your some kind of sex maniac wannabee. This social stigmata has to be avoided at all costs. Being an adult male, a single adult male mind you, and living in a house, in the middle of suburbia-----one is very careful about how one relates to children when they are around---first rule is---avoid all children not accompanied by a parent. Mothers are mostly paranoid about who is hovering around their offspring. (and its perfectly understandable that they well should be, if they are any kind of good mother at all) I am getting off track, this is about blogging, but I needed an example of how inappropriate conduct in public can quickly get you labelled incorrectly and socially stigmatized.

First we need to define what is "Sexy" as compare to what is just blatant appeal to sleaze and porn. In this definition of the word "Sexy" it doesn't always pertain to raw sex, but to a look of excitement , mystery, and overall positive appeal. So having said that, I would say outright nudity presentations are not good, unless in the pure sense of classical art---if your not sure what that means, best to avoid nudity in your blog altogether. Anglo-Saxon language usage is as a rule pretty sleazy and shows a lack of vocabulary----like I am not a total prude, but there is a time and place to use it---and a little of it goes a long,long way---is anybody listening to me Damnit? (lol). Nobody really misses it when reading blogs, so if your not using Anglo-Saxon words, good for you.

The application of colorful illustrations to underline ones conversational points is always kinda "sexy"---but many people do not have digital cameras, or the imagination to use them in conjunction with their blogging posts. (this is an area I know I am weak in , and endeavor to improve). There are accessible libraries of free pics one can visit and download from, I bet any number of you readers can name such services?.( and no, I am not speaking of the tawdry xxx crap that is all to easily accessed---ask any kid age 12 or older).

Finally, the ability to "turn a phrase", or make use of double meaning words or phrases is something one needs to monitor when blogging. What might to you seem innocent enough, and humorous, may to many of your readers come across as being a "potty mouth", and one can quickly get tagged with that social stigma one really doesn't want. To avoid that pitfall, one should use such double meaning phrases minimally---and in a manner that is clearly meant to be humorous, and not mistaken for a remark meant to be taken seriously. Being a single man, with a rapier wit, (well I THINK SO!), I am much aware of how things can get said , and interpreted on the basis of "oh well he is a single guy and you know how they are---", ---be careful out there people its a jungle!!


  1. your to fast for me Sadie, course thats one of your endearing qualites ---(just finished editing that lil mis-type)

  2. I have found that because of a total lack of spelling skills, the majority of any new people coming to see my blog are probably very,very disappointed.
    People, people what you are looking for is spelled B.A.R.E.

    Bear((( )))

  3. I have something for you on my blog. :)

  4. I'm a newbie myself Gary...don't follow my lead.

    Although, I did put the word "boob" in my post title, and had 14 hits from a google search involving "boobs" over the next 3 days.

    Unfortunately, I'm not too interested in 16 year olds looking for free porn hitting my site. Perhaps I should follow your advice and optimize my post titles.


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