Thursday, November 13, 2008

FLUFF N FOLD and margaritas too

Well some parts of my routine are still in place---Thursday is still "Fluff N Fold" day, and we did that and returned to the empty palace by 9am. We then put the laundry away, made the bed, washed our cereal bowl and coffee mug, ---decided the window over the kitchen sink needed cleaning so got out the paper towels and Windex and killed about 10 more minutes doing that.

then toyed around on the computer and reviewed blogs and current postings, and left comments where I found something worth saying---otherwise I am guilty of lurking.

Finally around 11:30am, my niece Tish arrived and brought with her a dozen home made muffins for me, and we chit chatted about nothing and everything, and then headed out to the local El Torito's for lunch.. A good friend of ours Midge Lebell joined us for lunch----and over margaritas and tostadas we had a most congenial time.

Now its 3pm , Tish just left to drive home (an hours drive on the freeway, if she beats rush hour, if not add at least another 20-30 minutes transit time. Tish brought me the Sweatshirt from Duke University my Nephew Eric and his Wife got me while at an IBM business conference, held near the University. (I was originally suppose to take possession of the sweatshirt at a birthday party Tish threw for another Uncle in the family , but I was unable to attend , having to deal with Jerry and unable to be gone that long.)

I am now thinking I will take a small nap, and sleep off the margaritas and then all I will have to do is figure out if I am watching TV, a Netflix movie, or a movie off the wall from the house collection. So many hard decisions to make -------I'm exhausted (lol)


  1. The routines can save you at a time like this. God bless routines.

  2. I'm happy to see your getting out and doing your routine duties as usual. What movie did you watch?

  3. I love nothing better than a nice comfortable rut. Ruts keep us sane without having to think.

  4. Fluff & Fold and Margaritas all in one day. Woo Hoo!!

  5. Routine is good. I'd put the margarita slightly ahead though.

  6. Gary do you contract out your 'fluff n fold' skills? I'll keep the margarita's a'flowin.


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