Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday--Election Day 2008

Well its been like forever that we have been bombarded with all the rhetoric of political commentary, but today brings it all to an end, at least for a little while.  It appears that the turnout will be a record in the number of voters actually voting, but unfortunately with the record turnout willcome a landslide of legal lawsuits protesting this or that precincts votes, how votes were counted, etc, etc, etc.  Further, the election will be so close in so many states, that it will not surprize me if it will be days before we learn who wins, and it could easily be tossed into the supreme court for a final decision----time will tell.

In anycase the winner, be it liberal leftist Obama, or "Hurray for the USA" McCain---neither will have anything close to a mandate for his programs.  The congress dominated by the liberal democrats for the last two years has done zilch,unless passing the biggest deficit budget  in history counts as an accomplishment  They are already in discussion and planning for more federal handouts to the poor , the ignorant and the lazy, all eagerlyh awaiting "Obama's crowning, and learn how much he will be spreading around.  The liberal leftist congress has stonewalled any possibility of making the bush tax cuts permenent--so automatically taxes will go up in 2009, taking more from those americans producing and "distributing it around" to those that aren't.

I am trying to imagine how things might go, if when the all the votes are counted, the legal beagles have had their say, and its determined McCain is the winner------I wonder if the major networks that have been so openly biased in Obama's favor will  change their ways and get back in synch with the people?  Most likely however this is not going to happen, but-----whoever gets elected will know they are being watched and judged.


  1. *sigh* I am so disappointed in our fellow Americans.

  2. well they don't have Bush to blame anymore, they control the senate, the house AND the Presidency----time will tell. for starters, taxes WILL GO UP, NOT DOWN, BEGINNING JAN 1,2009.

  3. Hi Gary... sorry your guy lost. Hopefully Obama will look at this as an opportunity to put the fiscal house in order, instead of following his leftist instincts and try to tax and spend his way to a lasting legacy.

    In response to the continuing erroneous complaint that the US federal budget has been hurt by the Bush tax cuts, I posted this on my blog the other day. It clearly illustrates that the problem has not been a lack of revenue, but a lack of discipline. Government spending is out of control, and while the Democrats fit the stereotype of the big spenders, and do share some of the blame for the deficits of the last two years, the biggest mistakes were made by the Republican Congress in the 2005 and 2006 fiscal years.

    Hopefully it helps to debunk the myth about the tax cuts. Now, if I could find a way to send it to Barack Obama, and have him take it seriously...

  4. Huge win, no lawsuits, so you were dead wrong.

  5. I'm with Sadie...I'm so disappointed in my fellow Americans. Already the stock market is down today...a sign of things to come I'm sure.
    I heard several people on the radio today that called into some of the talk shows saying they are making plans to move out of the country! If only I could...I'd move too.
    I asked my son in law to make me a bumper sticker that says, "Don't blame me...I voted for McCain." I am proud that I live in a "red" state, one that McCain won. Phil Valentine said today that if you look at the map, most of the red states are here in the south...maybe we succeed from the Union..form our own USA...lol

  6. Bush will still be President January 1, 2009, so are you accusing him of raising taxes?

  7. Yeah and that 800 point one day drop a few weeks ago before the elections?

    Grow up children.


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