Monday, November 24, 2008

Tonights dinner menu will NOT be Red beans with Rice casserole---

Hi sportsfans, old dude checking in here, with an update on tonights dinner menu.  It had been planned to be a Casserole made with redbeansW/rice, and browned hamburger---but due to the ineptness of the cook, the hamburger did not get defrosted in time.  (I had a long talk with the chef about that----(sigh), and I think he now understands he must pay more attention to details, no excuses allowed..  Anyway after he got done sulking about that, a new menu was put in place.

So in lieu of the above planned dinner, tonight we will feast on a nice macaroni and cheese casserole and a tossed salad. and maybe tomorrow night we will go for the redbeans, hamburger, rice topped with extra sharp cheddar cheese.----unless the cook screws up again that is.

Had coffee with friends this morning, and made a trip to the library to renew some books I had yet to finish reading. (am into the works by Christopher Reich).  Lots of international spy intrigue----good escapist fare.  Tonight of course will be watching "Chuck" and "Boston Legal"----I like a certain amount of absurdity in my intertainment.  Neither of these two programs require any deep thought on my part, yet they amuse me.

Tuesday, (thats tomorrow right?) I must remember to pick up my dry cleaning, outherwise will have to stay home on thanksgiving, which will lead to my demise as my family would kill me if I don't show up.---and then on Wednesday I have a meeting with the Lawyers---thats gotta be a real nerve-wrack.----anyway thats as far into the future that I can plan at the moment.
(dear readers, thanks for all the kind words, cards and blog comments--Like Dana says on her blogs, you CAN meet good people via the internet.


  1. Not much of an opinion, more of a hello to a fellow Californian. I live over the hills in Bakersfield.

    Glad you made it through the fires ok.

    Found you through Bloggeries.


  2. You certainly would receive cards from ME but, uh, well......I don't have your address. bummer.

  3. You better get that dry cleaning on time. Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same with out you.


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