Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lurkers are Losers

It is kinda hard to post something everyday, to keep one's blog page from just laying there and collecting dust, and I am sure all of you reading this agree. Now what do ya think of those people, who just flit from one blog to another read the posts, and jump to the next one, never leaving a comment good bad or even indifferent----they suck up your posts and give nothing in return---makes a guy feel kinda "used" know what I mean?

How does one know if one has been totally "LURKED OVER" you ask, its simple enough. Most all bloggers have site counters running on their blog, telling them how many people have visited their page, how long they stayed on average, and how many posts (pages) they looked at. So look at your site counter and see how many came to your page---now look at how many comments ya got---if ya got 40 visitors say for example, did you receive 40 comments?? If not then you are the victim of Lurkers-----you have been "LURKED OVER".

So what can one do about defending one's blog, how does one fight back against blatant attacks by these lurker losers? The answer is, one could go into the blog analytics and track down the ip addresses of these socially inept creatures, and expose them to the world by name---but then that would require you to sink to their level, and make you as bad as they are. All one can do is continue to post---ignore the lurkers, and take ones satisfaction in those that take the time to leave a comment, even if its a simple one word input like "cool", or "bummer" ---at least they left you with an opinion, confirmed that your blog IS indeed being read, that your not wasting your time. and as such these people deserve a shot at you having a read of their blogs and returning the favor-----its only fair and the decent thing to do.

Lurkers are losers---lower than pond scum in my book---don't be a Lurker, don't be a loser.


  1. I try to comment as much as possible. I like the sense of community it creates. That and people need props for good blogs.

  2. I wish I had fewer lurkers and more commenters, too! Actually, I wish I had 40 visitors a day...


  3. AWWW Gary...ya know I love ya! But I dont' always comment, even though I do read your blog daily. Some days I just don't have anything to say...others I'm sneaking a peek at your blog while I'm at work and don't comment cause I don't want to get caught! lol
    Sometimes I think you worry about your blog too much.... don't take it so personal, some people are just nebish by nature. LOL

  4. OF COURSE I WORRY ABOUT MY BLOG!!----if I don't who will?? (lol).

  5. I'm one of the dust collectors with her blog, but I always read yours sometimes not commenting but 90% of the time I do.

  6. Hey Gary! I don't always comment, but usually read, since you're in my news reader. Sometimes I don't have anything constructive to say and instead of sounding like a dink and going, "yup", I prefer to say something at all; plus, with the 150 other blogs to read, it saves time. :)

    Don't worry -- us Lurkers are still interested despite the silence!

  7. Now you are making us all feel bad.

  8. Comment beggars are the true losers.

  9. Hey Gary ... I too visit daily, yet I don't always comment. It's only because sometimes I don't know "what" to comment.

  10. Who knew the comments were the only reason people Blogged everyday????

    1st time visitor..........maybe I'll come back!


  11. That people even visit my blog to read it occaisionally is fine by me. While I love to get comments (after all they are the gold of the blogging world), I don't really care if a comment has been left or not. Some folks are voyeurs and others are performers. To each his own.

    That said, I visit many blogs and do not comment. Others I visit I comment dutifully, like this one. You visit mine and leave comments. I feel I should visit yours and repay you with mine.

    So I guess some days I am a loser, some days I am not. Life is like that.


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