Friday, September 26, 2008

Bailout Everyone Except The Stupid Taxpayers

My day started with my arriving at my Local Gelsons Food emporium for a meeting of the SOCADS, (For those that don't already know that's the Sherman Oaks Coffee and Debating Society--SOCADS)---here over coffee and donuts, pastries, cookies and whatever we kick around the worlds problems, politics , and societies ills in general. Today's discussions were centered on the pros and cons of the the big government bailout----and concluded with the democrats in control of the congress it will turn into the biggest taxpayer funded welfare program in the history of Mankind. and it would in time Like LBJ'S "War on Poverty" totally screw up the nations economy and all at the expense of us the tax payers. The Liberal democrats won't stop til everyone is bailed out , except the stupid tax payers. So best if ya just stop working now, and belly up to the welfare office. (Hell I don't even know where the welfare handout office is??) It was generally agreed that it would really be best for the country if we didn't bail out the greedy bankers and mortgage lenders and just tough it out----after all damn few of the average taxpayers have over 100,000 in the bank, and we are government insured up to that amount. $700,000,000,000 will pay for a lot of bad banks and the accounts in them----should they fail.
Tonight we have the first of the Presidential Debates. I noticed Obama went out to Missouri early, man that boy just loves to talk in front of cameras don't he. His medical plan, which sounds really terrific, will only saddle the taxpayers with $1.3 TRILLION more debt. but will ensure another 35 million people who can't afford insurance,--- and he says how he is gonna cut taxes for 95 percent of the people---so where is all this money gonna come from ??----yeahh that's what I thought---but boy he sure does talk pretty don't he?


  1. Either way you slice it, it looks as though we are going to be hosed.

    And it isn't a pleasant hosing either.

  2. Obama will never make it in November. With all of the support from the media, the bad press given Palin, McCain, our president, information withheld from the average American because of the majority of corrupt media, Obama will not be president. The corruptness from this Congress and Senate where Harry REid, Bill Clinton, Dodd and a few others who have made millions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, not including Barack who received campaign money from Freddie and FAnnie. I'm hoping eventually for an eventual hearing on this corrupt group in the SEnate and make them step down. The media of course will never bring this up so to get the real facts you have to listen to talk radio.

    People are realizing how naive, inexperienced, how extremely socialistic he is and totally unprepared for what this country is going to be going through in these next crucial four years.
    Barry just wants to be president for the power, McCAin seriously wants to help this country and you can feel it by watching this debate.

  3. I hope Tish is right. But you never know there are some very stupid people out there voting.

  4. ya mean alot of scared voters, its what the leftist do---get the media to hype how "bad" things are, get the voters scared and then present their guy as the messiah to save them from whatever crisis they have whipped up in the media.


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