Saturday, September 27, 2008

Green Tea VS Decaffinated Coffee.

There is a war going on guys, and its Decaf coffee versus Green Tea. We all live in tense times, you have fun to look at the evening news or scan the Internet and become totally upset, and reaching for something calming----Decaffeinated coffee or that new comer on the scene----Green Tea?? whats your sedative of choice people.
Over my large number of years , I'm 71 now, the two adult choices of non-alcoholic beverages has been coffee, or tea---later as Madison avenue became for sophisticated, this got broken down into regular coffee, decaffeinated coffee, Lipton tea, Iced tea, and a whole plethora of various brands pushing the product. (Folgers, Maxwell House, Lipton etc, etc, etc). The American public became familiar with Mrs. Olsen, and Juan Valdez.
Then a couple years ago, one began to see or hear the odd advertisement for "green tea", at first nobody paid it any real attention---it was lost in the flood of the standard coffee/tea blitzkriegs. Nobody seemed to mind the odd input of a commercial ad, in the throw away papers for green tea, but slowly we began to be exposed to these blandishments in health pamphlets, and then the better magazines----and all of a sudden its all over the media, ---TV, Radio, Magazines, newspapers, billboards---"'GREEN TEA, GREEN TEA, GREEN TEA!!"
I thought I was immune to the Madison avenue hyping formula, but---(sob) I almost broke into tears as unpacking my groceries from my latest trip to the store-----I found a box of teabags, ----green tea bags. Like a zombie, unable to control myself, I went about boiling water, placing a bag of this new narcotic in it---pouring the hot water-------and then after allowing the mixture to cool, its clear light green color ---I sipped it, expecting all kinds of horrible things to happen, but none did-----.
I finished that first cup of green tea, and as I stared out the window on a clear blue sky and bright sunshine, this old dude came to a conclusion-------I shoulda bought a bigger box of green tea bags.


  1. So I take it that you are heavily endorsing the Green Tea.
    I seem to be the last person to jump on any bandwagon so maybe I'll buy a box and see what all the hype is all about.

    Bear((( )))

  2. I love green tea. But my favorite right now is Chai Tea. I drink it every day in the winter

  3. actually have no idea about green tea, I wrote the post as part of an experiment I am doing trying to use key words, in this case "Green tea", to see if it attracts more readers to my blog----I have nothing against tea, and when I do drink tea, I prefer Twinnings "Earl Grey".

  4. If you prefer 'Twinings' you should at least spell it correctly.

    Nigel at Teacraft

  5. Nice blog, too bad it isn't rooted in truth. ;) You might want to actually follow through and get yourself a cup of green tea, or better yet white tea. I guess your experiment worked on me though- here I am, and commenting...kinda like those 'You Just Proved Advertising Works' benches we see everywhere!


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