Tuesday, September 16, 2008

For a Good Giggle, read the Huffington Post

As most all adults in the western world now know, the Presidential election of a U.S. President is underway. This election has brought out the contrast of the two parties. The Liberal Democrats, versus the Conservative Republicans.
In Particular this time around, The Liberals are kinda split some being much more left of the main stream of the country, others only moderately left.----As we all know, its the radical left that is in control of the Liberal Democrats. These radicals will settle for nothing less that the socialization of the country, goverment in total control of everything. Their shining star is Obama, "the one" as his groupies refer to him. He is everything a good leftist liberal should be. A graduate of a good ivy league school, who has good looks, dresses well, and makes charming speeches. He spent 8 years in the Illinois senate, where he astutely was careful not to alienate anybody, conversely voting "present" over half the time, while cultivating friendships with the powers that be that run the Chicago polictical machine. They got him elected as the junior senator from Illinoise in 2004. In the national assembly he has instigated no legislation of his own, but in all fairness in the four years he has been a National senator, he has spent two years running for president. (it would be an interesting total to know just how many hundreds of millions of dollars he has spent in the last two years on this endeavor.---does anyone know?)
On the conservative Republican Team. Senator John McCain, nominated a women Govenor to be his Vice Presidential selection. Gov. Sara Palin of Alaska, a definite outsider to the Washington DC elite. (Obama selected one of the longest residents of the Washington Senate, (some three decades he has served in the senate, definitely an "insider"to business as usual) Obama justified his choice of Joe Biden in that he wanted an exeperience person to turn to should he have to make any decisions, (obama not haveing much experience of his own).
Since the nomination of Sara Palin as the repuplicans nominee for the VP slot. The radical leftist liberals have been frothing at the mouth. First they gripped that she was there to grap the dissatisfied Hillary voters, then they bitched that she didn't attend any of the proper schools (namely ivy league schools), they they complained that she was a bad mother, parading her family at the Republican Convention the night she gave her acceptance speech. (like what women would NOT want her family present to see here accept such a great nomination, but in the leftist eyes this just wasn't done by "properly educated women". Then they espoused their dissatisfaction with her views on abortion , motherhood and just about anything else ya care to mention. This frothing of the mouths of the Leftist Liberal Democrats is hilarious, if it wasn't so sad, and so narrow minded. Like lemmings they quote each other as they run off the cliff. and then hearing the other leftists saying the same thing, actually believe the whole world is saying it----anyone NOT agreeing with them are either stupid, disgusting, or telling lies, and shouldn't be allowed to vote. If you don't believe this, you only have to read the Huffington Post, a bastion of the Leftist liberals who control the Leftist liberal Democratic party. This small radical sect actually believes that their opinions represent the majority opinion of the country----The most recent public opinion polls say otherwise. read what these radicals think of those that disagree with them, and why they HATE so much. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ Read what they expect and want---and remember if you don't go to an Ivy League school, then your a stupid and not worthy.


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