Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Little Entertainment If YA Please.

Gary (old dude)
I suspect many of you are somewhat burned out with the on going presidential election, the economic mess, not to mention the aftermath of hurricanes, and otherwise dismal news. Therefore I, Gary (old dude), have created this little meme to brighten up your otherwise dull dreary lives.
The standard rules apply. You copy the questions, put in your answers and then tag three (just 3) other bloggers and forward it to them. It is customary upon completing the meme to acknowledge who sent it to you, ------so having made that clear, here it is. (Having created this meme I felt I should at least have the courage of my convictions and included MY answers to the Meme's questions.)
1. Name the one movie you have watched the most times?
Well not counting the xmas chestnuts, "Its a wonderful life" or "A Christmas Carol", I guess the movie I have watch at least 7-8 times now is "Aunte Mame" starring Rosiland Russell----it never ceases to make me laugh and smile for I see so many people in real life that are portrayed in this funny movie.
2. Name your favorite actors (male and female)and in what movie you liked them best.
I had to think about this question for a bit, finding it rather hard to pick just one actor and one actress. However, ---playing the game here. I would say my Favorite Actor , would be Paul Newman, in the Movie, "The Hustler". (I'm a real sucker for underdog makes good themes). My favorite Actress is Betty Davis, in the movie ,"A Pocket Full of Miracles".
3. List your favorite 3 movies of all the movies you have seen to date.
1) "The Magnificent Seven"
2) "The Wizard of Oz"
3) "The Sting"
(Actually if I were to answer this question again tomorrow or the day after I will almost invariably no doubt come up with different sets of answers every time----so many great movies ---(sigh)
4. What movie cartoon character is your favorite?
Well for me that has to be "Wiley E. Coyote"----I grew up spending Saturday afternoons watching poor Wiley fall off cliffs, have huge boulders fall on him, and everyone of his devious plots (making full use of all the tools from Acme), all fall apart or go awry as he tried to capture the illusive Roadrunner--BEEP, BEEP!!
Guess now your all wondering just who I am gonna tag right?----Carol, Judi and Wendy.----and as Porky pig always said at the end of the cartoons--t-t-that's all folks.


  1. Gary, you a kick-ass blogger and just to prove it, come get your award.

  2. Thanks Gary!! I am not a movie buff but i will try.

  3. This is a great meme Gary ... and now that the weekend is over, I'm back to blogging too!

  4. Hey, don't forget the duke John Wayne! :)

  5. Can't ever forget "The Duke"---"A quiet Man" is a movie classic.


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