Thursday, September 11, 2008

Joe Admits It!!

I was driving to my weekly rondevous with the Fluff N Fold Palace, when I first heard it on the truck radio. I guess it kinda caught me by surprise, and yet when I think about it I guess I shouldn't have been. Barack's selected running mate for Vice President, confessed in a public speech that Hillary would have been a better choice for VP.
Senator Biden, who is a professional  politician , having convinced his home state to elect him over and over and over----now less than two weeks after the Republicans finished their convention---Biden is already telling the public that Barack made a not so good decision in selecting him, when Hillary was so available. Now why would he make such a statement in Public at this juncture of the final days of the campaign?
This old dude, suspects that the wiley old Politician that Joe Biden is---is that he recognizes Barack really doesn't have the heart for politics, that he isn't going to win come November---Biden wants to survive the train wreck of the Barack express---so what is he doing? He is publically distancing himself from Barack, buttering up Hillary, and putting himself in as good a position to get re-elected to the senate, and still be a good Donk when it comes to the campaign of 2012. I think too, he is doing his best to set the stage so come the VP debate , he only gets mauled a little bit and comes out of it with his reputation not to badly ripped up.
How totally destroyed is the Obama game plan?----you got the top of the leftist Democrat ticket personally slurring the number two person of the opposing ticket----its like a little kid working himself into a total hissyfit----imbarrassing himself, and his handlers. I have to admit the total disinigration of the Obama game plan coming so fast, that I am somewhat surprised, I knew it was all smoke and mirrors, ----but I would never have guess that an educated at Haavard sort, would allow himself to be reduced to uttering slurs ----but then we all knew he does not have the experience to be president-------snubbing our wounded troops in the hospital, and grand standing with the heads of states offering a better photo opt.---He lost my vote right there. He showed the world he was for Obama, not for the USA.


  1. I have been hearing this also and I think you hit the nail on the head. This campaign is imploding and Barack really isn't up to the job. He has never been that sincere and I still feel it was a big wave he's been riding on the back of the big political lefties like George Soros who wants their agendas addressed. Barry doesn't have one, he has been a puppet for the far left party. You got it right about Joe.

  2. IMPLODING!!! Perfect word!!!! I only hope it implodes in such a way that even the idiots see it.

  3. I think I've read that Biden is running for his Senate seat again this year, just as Joe Lieberman did in 2000. Nothing wrong with having two irons in the fire, but still...

  4. Yes, Gary... tagged! Read Macrum's blog and it will make perfect sense. He says you like this sort of stuff anyway...

    Hey, I'm not trying to start anything. Just reporting the news... heh heh heh...

  5. I read his post and the cryptic comment he made became clear---and he is right I DO kinda like being singled out with a meme, as I allude in my post for today, responding to his "Tagging"


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