Friday, September 19, 2008

Lost In GoogleLand

Hi dear readers, this being Saturday, and most bloggers are off dealing with their real lives, I kinda got bored and opted to investigate the newest feature of which allows one to see how many readers are "following" ones blog. Not only see how many but Identify who they are---PHEENOMENAL!!.
Further inspection of this new feature, identified who was following my blog, and Out of gratefulness I of course added their blogs to my "blogs that I am following list". My curiosity being what it is---I determined that every blog that I had listed automatically is linked in my Google reader---and voila, by clicking on their blog title in Google reader I could review their postings , even move to their blog page and make comments. This is a fabulous---no make that a PHEENOMENAL tool. Now I can manage all my favorite blogs, as well as my other favorite sites which I have added to my Google reader, all on the same page!!
I have spent the better part of the last hour and a half totally involved in my self created Google Universe----and I highly recommend it to all my readers.


  1. I have been wasting my time with the "Black Box."

    Bear((( )))

  2. I have been trying out many of the googel and blogger features. The following thing I tried a few and like it well enough to add some more blogs.

    I also signed up with Google Analytics. It has more information than I care to know, but for tracking hits and where they are form, it si really good.

  3. I still use the older version of blogger, so that particular thing I can not add to my blog. But, I can "follow" other blogs and I love that!! I just have to find the time to add all of the blogs to that particular function when I have time. You are great at discovering new things, Gary! Thanks for sharing.


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