Saturday, September 6, 2008

Passing On The Love

A few days ago my dear on line friend Missy, was most kind enough to give me an award. She presented me with her "I LOVE YOUR BLOG" award. I am totally pleased that she has given me this honor, and I have placed it in the upper right corner of my page.
     The award, created by Missy comes in two colors , and so the recipient has the choice of claiming which one they prefer.  (one merely has to click on the one they like, and save to their computer and then at their liesure can place it on their blog page.

Now its my turn to pass this award on to five more worthy recipients. I see that Missy has blessed a few of our friends in common with this fine award so I am applauding her choices and doing my best not to duplicate----I wish to award the "I love Your Blog" to "Hello Birdy", Ramblin with Roger, Lost In The Bozone, Art Glehen, and last but not least Joyce.  If you havn't already clicked on their links on my page and checked out their pages, you should do so.  Each and everyone of them are winners in their own way.

Just copy the icon above of your choice and place it on your blog (if ya care to, its not mandatory), and they ya might want to give some thought as to who ya might wish to pass the "love" to----THANKS AGAIN MISSY----.


  1. Gary ... you are very, very welcome. I do love your blog, indeed!

    I will be visiting those blogs you have presented it to as well!!

  2. You are really and truly comin' in to your own lil' ol' dude!

  3. It's kind of you, Gary for selecting my blog. I don't know if I deserve it ! Thank you so much

  4. How flattering for you Gary. Where's today's blog? It's the first thing I look for in the am. Mel

  5. Well, as Gomer Pyle would say, Gooolllleee! Merci.

  6. That's a great award! (And congrats to Missy for coming up with it.) I've found several great blogs through your links, thanks.


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