Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Obama offers the Great Lakes Region 5 Billion Dollars.

Today, the liberal leftist democrats nominee for President , boldly offered , if elected , to set up a 5 Billion dollar trust fund to be used for the purposes of cleaning up the great Lakes, a noble goal to be sure. The huge amount of monies would come from increasing taxes on the Oil companies, (the same oil companies he would add more taxes on to turn around and give every man woman and child a $1000 payment tax relief check), The population of the country being in excess of 300 million, at $1000 bucks a head comes to---plus now an additional $5 billion to the great lakes area (its coincidental that Mich, Ohio, Minn are all critically undecided as to which way they will vote, so promise some money , can't hurt right Obama?) The liberal democrats are against drilling for new oil, but I just can't see how taxing the oil companies tens of billions of dollars is gonna bring the price of oil down, or make us independent of foreign oil?.
The country currently running a huge deficit, can't see how Obama is gonna cut taxes either, why does he keep saying he will? Sorry I want an experienced leader as President, and not one that will just throw dollars at the problems and create ever more government bureaucracy.


  1. Well I know we Canadians wouldn't mind those Great Lakes cleaned up.

    Bear((( )))

  2. I am so disgusted with everything Barack is saying. This man will say anything to promote himself. He is now saying we are headed to a depression. Does anybody know what it was like to experience the great depression? My grandparents did and my parents maybe, but Barry is 47 and acts like he knows what its like in a depression.

    First of all, if we are headed to a depression why is it that he is headed to a $500.00 dinner in Hollywood and has raised over $480,000 from the party of the poor. It makes you kind of wonder how they can say the GOP is the party of the rich. Ha!! Depression??

    He wants this country to suffer so much by taxing us to death. For all of those people who tanked due to foreclosures those are the same people who were gambling on real estate, buying and selling and then the ones who never should have bought a home in the first place. Its only 2% of the population and yet we are now having to pay for them. Where is the justice.

    Oh by the way Gary. Barry now is permanently on a teleprompter on the campaign trail Cracks me up. CAn't wait for the debates.

    I am so sick of the far left libs.

  3. oops I made an error. Its $480,000,000 that he is not going to share with any other individuals in his party. Ha!

  4. I expect to see a dawn to dusk advertising blitze from the leftist liberals during the last couple of weeks leading up to election day. Its why he refused to take public money and the spending limits that would impose. Them Libs sure like to spend money, specially if its not their own.

  5. I'm with you Tish..can't wait for the debates! What he needs a ventriloquist to move his mouth and speak for him...something he is unable to do for himself...with out sticking his foot in it....OR a bunch of "uhhhh...uhhhh's" It should be quite a show!

  6. I am really happy that Obama is going to clean up the American half of the Great Lakes. Maybe some in the future, we in Canada will consider cleaning up our side. Meanwhile we don't have five billion to spare. We're only little eh?

    This is as stupid as Canada and America beating the crap out of our economies to solve the alleged climate change crisis .... over North America.

  7. I'm with you Gary! We need EXPERIENCE!!!

  8. Hello Birdy: Thats my point, right now we are running a huge budget deficit, and this inexperienced leftist liberal isn't even president and already he is giving out big chunks of cash---he also says out of the other side of his mouth that he will cut taxes too-----yeahh rightttt, (I got this bridge to nowhere he might be interested in buying (LOL)


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