Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday, Monday

Finally after being hyped half the summer the networks are gonna start laying the new shows on us tonight. No doubt complete with lots and lots of commercial breaks. A review of my local broadcast stations offerings for tonight, and it appears I will be watching those shows on channel 2 (CBS) between 8pm and 11PM. I love the wild dialog of "The Big Bang", and "How I Met Your Mother", and also I am amused with "Two and a Half Men". This latter show is then followed by a new show titled "Worst Week" which I think is gonna be a total loser, but then we close out the evenings programing with the first episode of the new season of "CSI Miami".
I gave up on watching Hero's last year, as it got to be a quick glimpse of a particular hero, then a break for a commercial, and then another glimpse of yet another hero, commercial break----I couldn't keep track of all the sub plots of each of the dozen or so hero's in relation to the big overall plot line---not to mention the time lines----so won't waste my time on yet another season of that show. None of the other networks has anything that interests me.
TUESDAY night, again appears to be an all channel 2 (CBS) evening, with the return of "NCIS", a new show titled "The Mentalist"and the return of "Without a Trace". I will look forward to the next summer season, when I can then watch the reruns of "House" which is on opposite NCIS.
WEDNESDAY: it will be "Knight Rider", "Criminal Minds" and "CSI NY"
THURSDAY : it will be "Ugly Betty" and the two hour "Greys Anatomy"
FRIDAY : we will watch something from Netflix---as according to the tv guide their are no new shows premiering and the reruns are bleak, not even worthy of commercials in my book.


  1. I watched the first show of the season of "Dancing with the Stars."
    Cloris Leachman was a blast.
    She certainly showed everyone that senior citizens still have IT!
    Bravo Cloris!!!

    Bear((( )))

  2. Bear Naked you have got to be kidding me, Cloris and Susan were both on the same drugs. when you have to be escorted off the stage, something is not right! That poor woman is gonna break something. LOL

    Atleast it was entertaining! Warren sapp was Fantastic for such a large guy.

    Who do you think is going home!

  3. Gary, I was pleasantly surprised that we like quite a few of the same shows. I did watch DWTS last night and was HORRIFIED by the way Cloris Leachman was acting. I thought she had been drinking. And Susan Lucci has never been a favorite of mine. She is overly dramatic. My fav last night was Lance and Lacey. Then I stayed up to watch CSI:Miami...a big favorite in this house. Tonight will be NCIS, probably The Mentalist, as that looks very interesting and if I can stay awake, Without A Trace (hubby got me hooked on this)

  4. I am so excited that this week has finally arrived. I don't watch nearly as many as you since I play coed softball twice a week but I do have a few that I just can't miss and then I'm sure I'll get hooked on a few more as the weeks go by...last night I watch Dancing with the Stars and then Thursday night it'll be Grey's Anatomy and then Sunday night Desperate Housewives!

  5. I was blogging and couldn't get up to find the remote and a new show came on called WORST WEEK, and since I couldn't find the remote, it stayed on until I noticed myself laughing out loud in between blogging. First shows are usually BAD, but this one made me wonder how it can keep it up. Good writing.

  6. I should have known that "Worst Week" would appeal to YOUR sense of Humor Dana----I doubt the show will last more than acouple three episodes----I found the show pretty infantile in its humor, but then thats just MY opinion.(lol)

  7. I love, LOVE Big Bang! I can identify with them oh so well...except the brains part...hahaha

  8. Hey Gary, Just wanted to congratulate you on your "KICK ASS BLOGGER" award. How awesome is that!


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