Monday, September 29, 2008

Judi Made Me Do It

     I received this cute little word association test/challenge from Judi----in that she allows me to toss memes at her, I figure the least I could do is respond to her word association challenge.  Those that read this might , if your so inclined share the answers YOU would have come up with by posting them on your blog pages.

I SAY---                                     YOU ANSWER--?

1.  Memory                    Recollection 
2.  Original                     One of a kind
3.  Exclusively                 Limited to
4.  Listings                      Television programs
5.  Bucket                       Pail
6.  Knight                        Day
7.  Dusty                         Barns
8.  Choice                       Best of the picks
9.  Sunlight                      Warmth
10.  Change of plans       Plan B
     I think now maybe I should take my meds and lay down now right? (LOL)


  1. Uncle Gary,
    I'm not sure if Judi meant night or Knight, but your answer would be incorrect. Knight would be a crusader or a exlusive or (elite) defender in the kings court.

  2. most word association tests are done verbally, therefore I would have heard the word "Night" not Knight----when are you going to respond to the meme yuou got tagged with by Judi? (lol)

  3. I think it is interesting what people put as their response to these word challenges.

  4. Thanks for the idea Gary...I put it on my blog.

  5. I like the Knight - Day.... lol

    I would have said "in shining armor..."

  6. Very interesting. I saw it at Sue's and put my associations in her comment section. If you had the word "bossy" would you answer "Tish"? Just a little light humor:-) Knight/Day is pretty funny.

  7. Ah, for Knight I would have responded 'First'. Been thinking about First Knight with Gere and Connery...

  8. Granny Annie: you have to understand that Tish grew up with three competitive brothers, ----and like me her Uncle, is a "Taurean"---which means we suggest that you save time and agree with us now---or if that sounds unreasonable, we might offer, be reasonable---and do it our way"(LOL)

  9. Gary ... no Tuesday post yet ... are you okay??


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