Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here In the Leftist coast of California, where Liberals control things.

California, the land of Milk and Honey (and of course those famous contented cows), we have not been able to pass a new annual budget,(we are two monthes late), the current one some 15 BILLION in the red, due to the out of control spending by the liberal leftists, espousing their philosophy," if your poor just ask for more".   The legislature (controlled by the Demoncratic liberal leftists), was presented to the Gov. (A ,Repulican thank goodness), and he is going to veto it. as it doesn't cut spending enough-----nor is it in balance----the leftist liberal democratics will then vote and over ride his veto----and continue to increase the state taxes, fees and anything else that will bring in more money to feed their ever expanding governmental give a ways.  At Least by veto'ing it initially,  it will be made clear to all of us voters just who is making the out of whack spending decisions that are bankrupting this state.  Its rapidly reaching the point nobody in their right mind will buy California bonds----then it will be interesting indeed. ---maybe "The One" (obama) will take time out form shoveling in more cash from the Hollywood people to offer us a few billion like did when hunting votes in the great lakes area---afterall its only Money from the taxpayers.


  1. You shouldn't be surprised---it is a leftist democratic congress we have now----and should they also control the whitehouse you will see a real flood of money going out---trillions for the poor and those that would rather get something and not have to work for it----who is gonna pull the wagon after the liberals have talked us all into getting on the wagon----???


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