Friday, September 5, 2008

Reading The Opposition

I have immersed myself in reading what the Liberals have to say since Gov. Palin has hit the scene, and really try to understand they're arguments. The main arguments they seem to have are that she didn't go to a big name school, lived in a a very small town, dared to allow her family to come to the convention and watch "Mom" accept the nomination for Vice President of the entire country---on the other hand I may have that wrong---and the Liberals are angry that she (Gov. Palin) is PROUD of her family.
Then two the leftists (nee liberals) have gone on and on and on trying to convince themselves that their boy from Haavard has more experience than Gov. Palin. (and at the same time trying to convince the world that Gov. Palin doesn't have enough experience to be Vice President---the way all the comments read, sounds like half of the liberal feminists had to go lay down for a couple days as they were just "sick" over her speech, and the other half kept trying to tell themselves that the nomination of Gov. Palin to the VP candidacy, was nothing less than the repubs (thats what they call people who are republicans) starting a culture war. Deep down inside these elitists believe that if ya didn't graduate from an Ivy league school, then you can't possibly be cultured enough to run for high office. (kinda insults an awful lot of working moms I would think)-----they hear that talk, then look at Gov. Palin's actual accomplishments---proving it can be done---one doesn't have to go to the just right schools, and join just the right organizations, and marry a man with big connections, to get ahead---).
It seems in the Liberal Party (aka Democrats), they have Men and Feminists. Whereas in the Conservative Party (aka Republicans), they have Men and Women.


  1. Well said Gary! I couldn't agree did your homework...A+

  2. Well, this Dem is not a feminist in the common sense of that word. I believe in equal pay, and I don't care what school you went to as long as you are intelligent, fair and loyal (and I should add moral/ethical). I would not vote for McCain/ Palin because not all their ideal/what they stand for are mine. It is as simple as that.

  3. Thats a fair answer Kenju----and thats what voting here in the USA is all about. The people voting their personal beliefs.

  4. Finally, a candidate I can actually RELATE TO. Plus ... just a pet peeve ... why do they keep comparing Palin to Obama? Nobody's comparing Biden to McCain ...

    I think the Democratic Party is scared to death.

  5. I don't understand you, Gary. One week you are decrying the ignorance of today's youth, and now you are mocking a candidate for the highest office in the United States because he is too well-educated?

    I don't know how it was when you were a kid, but when I was in school it was considered a GOOD thing to aspire to get good grades, succeed in school, and grow up to make something of yourself.

    Are we so protective of our inadequacies that we require our leaders to be Average Joes and Janes, so that we can feel better about ourselves? Can we not aspire to be led by our best and brightest? Or is it all about who we feel "comfortable" with, someone who won't make us feel stupid in comparison, because he or she is "just like me?"

    By the way, I'm glad you allowed as how you "might be wrong" at reading the opposition, because you are wrong on almost every point. Again.

  6. By the way, men in general, and black men in particular, do not appreciate being called "boy." Black men have been called "boy" too many times, by too many people who were intent on making them small, in order to make themselves seem big.

    You said somewhere "My own personal opinion is, if you have to make negative remarks to make a point, you don't have much of a point."

    Empty words, signifying nothing, if I judge by what you write here.

  7. Very well put. As pete says. Go Girl power!!

  8. you missed my point Kathi D. The point being a person doesn't have to be a graduate from an Ivy league school to be eligible to be president, as some leftist elites seem to imply. Nothing wrong with getting an education, and making the most of ones skills---and for the record I call all males younger than me boy---(I was raised to say sir and mame to my elders---well now I'm and elder---so I figure I earned this right.)

  9. Well, I really didn't miss your point, Gary. But you have to admit, there is a lot of loving on Sarah Palin going on because she is "just like us," meaning, average in every way. By the way, "elite" used to mean "the best" and was not a perjorative word.

    You and your bunch here were recently decrying the "dumbing down" of America, and now here you are decrying the "elitism" of the liberals.

    Make up your mind. Do you want dumbed down candidates who are "just like us" or do you want the best (the elite)?

    I'm willing to vote for the best and the brightest, even if they are smarter than I am. In fact, I hope that the men and women running the country are smarter than I am.

    Don't you?

  10. ELITE: 1,(a) the choice part,a socially superior group, (b) a powerful minority group. 2, A typewriter Type offering 12 characters to the linear inch.

    ELITISM: 1.(a) leadership or rule by an elite, (b) belief in or advocacy of such elitism, 2, consciousness of being or belonging to an elite--elitist

    The powerful leftist media group is not an elite I want to be associate with and will never allow to guide my personal opinions.

  11. Gary,

    Kathi doesn't get it and never will. The libs will protect this elitist "Messiah" regardless of his association with Bill Ayers who bombed the Pentagon and his illegal association with Tony Rezco who is now in jail and the Reverend Wright who has no problem stating he hates whites and Damns America using Gods name in vain. The only reason he got into Harvard isn't because of his brains because without a teleprompter there isn't much there its because of his color. He has done nothing in the State Senate and as far as I'm concerned a community organizer is a rebel rouser. He has stated in the past along with Hillary Clinton how much he has admired Saul Alinsky who was the first radical community organizer in Chicago and has even in his book "Rules for Radicals" dedicated his book to Satan the first Radical against God. You libs are so screwed up about hating Bush so much that you would rather have this wonderful country of ours go down the tubes and turn into a socialistic wimpy country. You sear of hatred for this country and everything good and moral about it. None of you can bite the bullet and do what is good for Americas safety. You dems are so stupid that I thought when you reached the age of 30 a person would figure it all out. I voted as a democrat in the past (sorry to say) but I did read and learn something the majority of dems don't do because if they did you wouldn't be so stupid. Angry, wimpy, and whiners.

    I know you hate it but God Bless America!!!!

  12. Gosh and golly Tish----that would have made a great rant on your own blog (hint hint).

  13. I challenge you to rewrite that post without the petty name calling of your fellow Americans.

  14. Oh and personally I'd never call a black man boy, but that's me, I'm from a more civil era.

  15. I was part of an elite branch of the military. Words have more than one meaning.
    I wasn't happy that they kept calling bomber pilot McCain fighter pilot. Fighters are more elite. McCain never shot down anything - anything.

  16. Reasonable: I re-read my post and fail to see any petty name calling. The Democrats ARE LIBERAL, and waaay left of the main stream. I stand by my post.

  17. Reasonable:----and all males younger than me are boys in my book. (like "Rooster cogburn" always told the lil chicken hawk in the cartoons---"git away from me boy , ya bother me!"

  18. Rooster Cogburn?? Good grief, Gary, you don't by chance mean Foghorn Leghorn, do you?

    If you don't, maybe you could tell us when John Wayne was immortalized in the cartoons. That would definitely be worth checking out.

    @Kathi D.: C'mon, be reasonable. "Their boy from Harvard" is obviously meant to be a knock against Mr. Obama's age and inexperience. There's no need to read political incorrectness into every turn of phrase.

    As for the "elite" issue - I don't think anyone minds their country's leaders being well-educated, even at the most elite universities. The problem is the "elitist" attitude of many on the left, including the a huge portion of the Eastern media - that those who hold less liberal views or attended less-prestigious colleges than they are by definition less deserving of positions of leadership, and automatically less competent if by some accident of democracy they happen to get them.

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