Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama Just Doesn't Get It.

I watched the first presidential debate last night and its obvious to me that the Leftist Liberals have nominated a totally green man for a candidate. Yes I am talking about Barrack Obama, the guy looks like a young college professor, and certainly talks like one, and he demonstrated over and over in the debate his total lack of understanding of how nations relate to each other. In his naivitivety, he thinks its like a good old boys club, where leaders just sit around and call each other by their first names and talk out their problems..
In the debate, he actually said he would talk with terrorists, without any preconditions. In short he would give these criminals legitamacy and recognition, more or less telling the world that they must have some worth, and should be treated as equals.
He even had the gall to blurt out we should chase after the terrorists and follow them into Pakistan, in short invade Pakistan---(McCain was so stunned by this ignorant uttering from Barrack, he admonished him in front of the cameras telling him one just doesn't say those things in public.)----no, Obama just doesn't get it------and he seemed like a History Professor harping on things in the past, rather than dealing with things as they are today.


  1. This could be a scary four years if we elect the wrong person. I am getting a little worried.

  2. How did they do on the economy and domestic policy?

  3. palinode: the last debate they have scheduled will deal with economics, this first debate was on foreign policy


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