Friday, September 19, 2008

Whats Wrong With Obama?

The extremist left, (ooops they prefer to call themselves "progressives" these days) which controls the democratic party. Is in total disarray since the nomination of Gov. Sara Palin. The lefties can not understand why why their candidate , "The One" is not miles and miles ahead of the opposition. They do not understand how a woman , Gov. Sara Palin, who is against abortion, could in one speech suddenly grab so much of the feminist vote. (Arianna Huffington believes all women, at least those that went to the right schools, belong to the right organizations, must be pro-abortion---otherwise they are---??----well ignorant and unworthy of recognition and not proper feminists, and certainly not capable of being in a high government position.).
Yesterday's Huffington Post Headline told us Americans that if we were not for Obama, then we were a nation of village Idiots. The leftist liberal Democrats feel that must be the reason there candidate is not doing well at the polls.
Today, the Huffington post offers yet another plausible reason why Obama hasn't captured the American political heart-----its because deep down in our subconscious we are closet racists. Also in today's hodgepodge of articles, still another possibility for his lack of doing well , is that he is just to damn smart ,and the majority of us just are to lost in the selfish "whats in it for me?" psychology, that we can't see how we really should see things. I believe this kind of thinking is best illustrated with their VP candidate , Senator Biden explaining that it was our patriotic duty if we made more than $250,000 that we SHOULD pay more taxes, and feel good about doing it. (Why the leftist liberal democrats don't see this as social leveling I do not know?)
So the panic stricken Liberal leftist, first told us we were uneducated, then they said we had to be Village Idiots, and now its because we are racists!!!-------
Whats wrong about Obama?? I can't speak for all my Fellow Americans, but I won't vote for a man that 1) snubbed our troops in Europe, 2)Doesn't put his hand on his heart when our Countries Flag goes bye, or the National Anthem played----3) and has again and again changed his position on this and that in an effort to appeal to look good.


  1. I just heard today that now that wall street rebounded and the market is doing a little better that Barack and his camp are unhappy. The same with the surge working. The far left libs want doom and gloom for this country because they feel that the majority of people out there are uninformed (a nicer way than saying stupid) and will vote for this change guy who will tear open his shirt with the big "M" on it (messiah) and throw them their votes to save them from the evil George Bush and those far right wackos who cling to their religion and guns.

    Well its the spirit of this country that makes it great. Its the American people who start business, hire people, generate confidence for people to spur on spending and helping out the economy. Its not the government. The left is only happy when the American people are miserable and then they can capitalize on that.

    Also, they are finding out that Barack, Jamie Garelick, and a few other Democrats in the senate made alot of money from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Garelick I heard made 75 million and that the owner of the privately help government run program donated several million to Baracks campaign. I think these things will be coming out and we will be seeing a huge hearing on this soon. These my friends are the demorcrats who want to run this country.

  2. Where DO you get some of your info, such as Obama's unhappy with the stock rally of the past two days? It doesn't even make sense. The problem with the economic markets are fundamentally more problematic than a couple upturns.

  3. just reporting what the Huntington post is putting out , and some comes from Yahoo Buzz Up ---the wild solutions and explanations of the leftist camp---makes for amusing reading.

  4. I've never taken Huffington as the gospel. Sometime when I'm less fatigued, I'll have a go at the racial double standard.

  5. I agree with you on many of your points. I'm sort of split on the issue of taxes because I think we pay too much already. I understand what you are saying in that, in a capitalistic society you can't overtax the rich simply because they have more money than the poor. Although, with that being said, sometimes the rich are not taxed enough, and thats when my blood gets boiling.

    I am trying to avoid voting for Obama. I wont vote for Mccain/Palin because I disagree with their support of the Bush Doctrine and their religious leanings, among other things... but... WHY can't a third party candidate get a fair shake in the United States? I for one would like to have more than two choices every four years.

  6. Before a third party can become a factor, it has to garner something like 5% of the vote as a minimum, in each state to get on that states ballot----to gain that much attention a third party must spend a rather large sum of monies to bring themselves to the attention of the people, and get their message out----it normally takes someone with either a large amount of money to promote himself, or a very popular publically recognized persona, such as a movie star.

  7. I must ask Roger Owen Green if his selection of a "gospel" rag is The New York Times? Just curious?

  8. my sense of sensibilites took a major hit earlier today---came across an article that claimed Hight thread count, does not garuntee sheets that are comfortable.----(tell me it aint so Joe!!?)

  9. A point about the nation of village idiots, If I might.

    It is interesting that here in Canada the leader of our Green Party, Elizabeth May recently stated on a radio program that many leaders and members of parliament think that Canadians are stupid and that she agrees with that assessment. She has taken a lot of heat about that but went into a ridiculous denial mode Bill Clinton style and is attempting to simply brass it out.

    Same old same old from the far left.

    However, I must agree that the majority of Canadians and Americans are woefully ignorant of what going around them and how things work.

    Many will say that you cannot fault people for being stupid because they are more or less unfortunate to be born without much of an IQ.

    However, it is also said that most people aren't actually stupid, but rather, they are perhaps just ignorant or uninformed.

    The fact is that any smart person would not want to remain ignorant for long. Therefore most of the stupid people must actually be stupid or they would be working to smarten themselves up.

    Information is freely available on almost any subject. If it is just laziness that is holding them back, then laziness is sign of stupidity.

    Finally, it is too bad that there are so many people who are smart but horribly misinformed or have been so indoctrinated in a public education camp (government run public education) that even though they sound smart and may hold a degree, they are in fact stupid to not have learned to use rational thinking and logic to assess their views.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    I rest my case.

  10. you have it summed up quite nicely---educated at Public Education Camps-----yesssss, that does explain things.


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