Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama and "Foot in Mouth" disease

When it comes to reading a teleprompter and giving a written and prepared speech, Barack , the junior senator from Ill, who would be president, is excellent. However, when not given a script to read and needing to think on his feet----he has a tendency to not be so glib. Yesterday, thinking on his own---even his leftist handlers would not have approved of his remarks, me insinuated that Gov. Palin was a pig----talk about foot in mouth???
Since the selection and nomination of Gov. Palin, as Senator McCains running mate---women and independent registerred voters have been pouring over to support the Repubs nominees for President and vice president. I am sure Barack is well aware of this loss of support that he had previously felt he had. The kid from Haavard, his elite education, all the support of the leftist liberal media, a year and a half running all over the country making speeches, making himself "the one", crowning it with his grand tour of Europe, (paying for 300 members of the elistist leftist liberal press to go along with him to document how much Europe loved him. the polls here in the USA showing him to be leading by several percentage points in the race for the Presidency. It is my opinion this period of time will show this is where his Candidacy reach its High Water mark.
He spurned a visit to the American wounded, preferring instead to bath in the large crowds of foreigners applauding his appearance (they're way of thanking him for the popular rock concerts that his handlers scheduled to guarantee big crowds). (He lost MY respect and vote with that decision alone---and he still hasn't bothered to offer an apology for the insult to our wounded)
Then of course we all know about his relations with the Clinton's and how he manipulated the convention and ended up choosing the old man of the senate Joe Biden (which didn't sit to well with the Hillary people)
Then John McCain selected for his running mate a women, Gov. Sara Palin from Alaska, who electrified the whole political spectrum with here acceptance speech----between the Republicans putting a women on their ticket, one not approved of by the old guard feminists ruled by Gloria Steinem, and everyone seeing and hearing how a conservative women, managed to raise a family, combine it with a career, and now running for Vice President of the country----well the leftist liberal media has become totally unglued----women voters, independent voters , and the undecided voters are now flocking to the McCain/Palin ticket. This is not just an opinion, this is a fact----Obama and the leftist liberal media are shocked and stunned. They have managed through they're excess trashing of Gov. Palin---awakened the silent majority----.
People don't much like being told, that if they didn't go to one of the big ivy league schools that we are just trash, and to ignorant to be allowed to vote. How could a person ,educated at Haavard, be so stupid as to tell "lipstick jokes" , after Palin's speech----maybe the price of a Haavard education needs to be reviewed?


  1. Yes, he is trying to be a stand up comic with that old political joke about a pig with lipstick is still a pig! He really can't speak well without a teleprompter. He,constantly ah, ah ah, ahs his way through speaking and you can really tell that he doesn't have much security in what he is saying. To be honest I think he just wanted to be president and not a strong desire to help our country. You can tell it in his speech and delivery when he is without a teleprompter. No depth, nothing heartfelt.
    He is fine with someone else wrting his speech but there isn't much conviction when he goes it alone. YOu have to wonder why the dems nominated him as their presidential candidate and I am sure they are also questioning their own decisions at this point.

    Not to mention that they had a great opportunity to win this election with Hillary as VP.

    Then to really add insult the GOP nominates an awesome female VP to our ticket.

    I am sure everytime Jo Biden thinks about the upcoming debate with her he wets his pants.

    I often wonder what it would be like to vote as a democrat with this far left mentality.
    Big government, high taxes, wanting to control every spectrum of individual business
    bot to mention your own personal lives. There is also the approval of abortion even up the the ninth month in some cases without a blink of an eye. Keeping people on welfare from birth to the grave without getting people to be productive. Free this free that for people who don't want to do anything on their own and having us hard working people carry the tab. They hate the rich because these are people who went for the American dream. I for one can't understand the mentality of the dems platforms. There is so much more with the way they view terrorists, the war,environment,guns patriotism,
    and religion. If someone can explain why they love being a democrat I would love to hear their side because I am baffled.

    Good piece again my uncle. You are right,the Messiah has fizzled out. People have finally started to figure him out and really understand what he is all about and it certainly isn't about the future of this beautiful USA. It leaves little to be said for a higher education in this country and what these liberal professors are churning out. A bunch of robots that can't think on their own two feet.

  2. He was not referring to Palin when he said that. He was referring to McCain's policies.

  3. Kenju: Bull pucky...he was refering to was too obvious. He can deny it all he wants, but the media and everyone that was there knew what he meant...why else would the crowd cheer and laugh? Obama is running scared and it shows in his actions and words.

  4. I absolutely agree with Sue. I think Obama said it intentionally with the hopes that he could get away with it by referring back to McCain's saying the same thing and then saying he was referring to the "policies" just like McCain. It wasn't a spontaneous comment, I thought he looked uncomfortable when he was saying it knowing the firestorm it would cause. Was this desperation on his part??? Melanie

  5. In my opinion ... a gentleman would not have said those words ... whatever intention.

    Sarah Palin's "lipstick" comment had so many of laughing and saying ... ya for her!!

    He knew exactly what he was saying. It was just mean.

  6. ---I am hoping that today (friday) when he (Obama) attends the 9/11 memorial service in New York that he will offer his apologies to the wounded he snubbed on his grand tour of Europe. (the Socialist and communist governments over there just love Obama---which says something????)----but I doubt if he will, even Biden is now publically admitting Hillary should have been on the Ticket---cept now Hillary is staying as far away from the train wreck of Barack's campaign as she can get.


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