Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday TV In Review

The shows watched were "Knight Rider", "Criminal Minds" and "CSI NY". I was impressed with the morphing graphics of how the car converted itself from a coup, to a truck and all the special bells and whistles, almost guarantees the show will be a hit with the sub-teens group. However I found the plot like totally sophomoric, implausible and predictable----My suggestion is they move this show to the four PM time slot to pacify the children while dinner is being assembled.

Criminal Minds was pretty much as like last year, and they did try and make the first show of this current fall season an attention grabber, but in setting up the plot they made it very complex, and I was never really sure just how they got to where they were at the start of the show---one watched this episode feeling perhaps they had missed an earlier chapter identifying the players. Aside from that negative, the show was well acted and directed, and one quickly re-identified with all the key players after the long hiatus. I will look forward to this show on a weekly basis.

I guess I have much the same complaint with this first episode of the fall season as I did with Criminal minds. The show opens in the middle of a complex action sequence, and one is left with the feeling one has walked into the middle of a movie-----perhaps it WAS the second half of a two hour two part-er?? I must have missed the last show of last season----anyway by the end of the hour show, and about 16-20 more commercials than preferred, I had assimilated the plot and familiarized myself with the on going characters----and again would recommend this show for weekly viewing---although the gory violence might make it not so good for the squeamish.

Tonight, Thursday, the schedule will be, the opening shows of the new season of two returning shows, "Ugly Betty", and a two hour opener of , "Grey's Anatomy"----.


  1. I am a few days begind on watching these shows. Thanks for the warnings.

  2. The only thing I watched last night was Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi and then the speech, and then I watched America's Got Talent - I know, it's a terrible addiction and I need to seek help. At least I don't watch Survivor or The Biggest Looser...

    Can't wait for Ugly Betty tonight!

  3. I only watched Dancing with the Stars last night! Can't wait for Grey's Anatomy tonight!!!:-)))))

  4. "Greys Anatomy" should be a decent enough show, however I hope they pick up the pace, last years plot lines got to dragging ---and I found myself more enthusiastic with the spin off from Grey's anatomy, "Private Practice".


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