Saturday, September 13, 2008


Ever since the introduction of the all to real "Hockey Mom" to the Republican ticket, the leftist liberal media as run amok. Again and again and again, one reads or hears how disgusted they are , how sick they are about The republican team of McCain/Palin. She didn't go to the right schools, she's a bad mother, he is flaunting his military Hero image. He was only 5th from the bottom of his graduating class. ALL republicans are trash, ignorant, the scum of the earth etc, etc etc.----
This instrumented wave of mass vitriol espoused by the leftist controlled Democratic Party, (notice Obama hasn't made any attempt to control his people, even encouraging it with his own cheap lipstick remark---and then pretending to be hurt that anybody could assume that he was talking about his opponents), tells me the Liberal socialistic mutterings by the democrats is not being bought by my fellow mainstream Americans, and the leftists vitriol is the screams of reality as they watch their candidate slowly sinking in the poles. Once again the the liberal socialistic dogma , (---if your poor ask for more ), is being rejected by the majority of Americans.
The Junior Senator from Ill., (elected to the senate in 2004)has spent almost two of the four years he has held the title of Senator, running for the office of the president-----(how many millions of dollars of the Democratic coffers has that cost?) I have lost track of the number of times he has flown out here to California to have Hollywood raise more money for his cause)---- He made the grand tour of Europe,(paying the way for 300 press people to take his picture and document his popularity with the French and German people) where he was able to wave at large crowds of people that had turned out for the rock concerts that had been arranged for, but he didn't have time to visit our wounded---- protesting the war is one thing, but snubbing the wounded?? sorry that's unforgivable in my book. -----and I believe mainstream America agrees with me -----so the louder the leftist liberal media scream and rant---the more mainstream American lines up for McCain/Palin----USA!! USA!! USA!!


  1. There have been plenty of "screams" on both sides of the iossue. I commend to you this story on PBS about the hate on right-wing talk radio that may have actually led to murder:

    The rhetoric of non-substantive issues is high on both sides - lipstick on a pig being a prime example - and I'd really would rather hear about health care reform.

    Incidentally, NcCain being 5th from the bottom of his class was revealed by the McCain people in 2000 (or earlier) as a badge of honor.

  2. One more thing, the broad sweep of the "leftists" makes me wonder just who qualifies by your definition. The bloggers? The New York Times? Charlie Gibson?

  3. Everyone is waiting to pounce. Say left, they pounce. Say right, they pounce. I cannot believe the hate spewing all around us when we are normally good, honest hardworking people simply trying to elect a President and then it is over for four years before we will have to go through this all again. I have reasons for the candidate I selected and I respect those who have made an opposite choice. The only difference we can actually make is at the polls and we need to be individually prepared to do that. I do not respect those who sling mud nor do I find it necessary.

  4. I agree with you Grannie...all the mug slinging is gettin VERY OLD and tiresome. You would think that these "great minds" would have enough sense to realize this. It's like grade school..."he did it first! so I'm doing it back" mentality. Give it a rest, talk about the issues we all want to hear and leave the mud for the kiddies to make pies with!

  5. The point Roger is the Democratic party is controlled by the left wing of the liberal party. Those that believe anybody west of the hudson is poorly educated, should not be allowed to vote, and can't possibly be intelligent enough to lead the country. These same people complain that we should talk about the real issues, but everytime you disagree with them you get their standard, thats a lie, or oh your so stupid you don't understand response.
    Its NOT a lie, Obama snubbed our wounded in Germany, its not a lie Obama has said he would sit down and recognize terrorists and talk to them without any conditions---sorry, this "Stupid" American aint buying any of his socialistic agenda. He even as stated that he nominated Joe Biden so as to have someone in the room with him to tell him how to decide should the phone ring---sheesh.

  6. Do the republicans think about anything, like real issues? Or is all they are worried about really just protecting Palin's virtue? I guess that must be it. She certinly does not have much else to protect.

    Seems you swallow the lies of the Right, yet condemn those from the Left. And that's okay, most folks can only swallow so many at one time.

  7. the parties positions on the issues are plainly written in both parties published plateforms. The details that you want to discuss will be in the bills presented in the congress to be voted on. The Donks always tear down the country, see all things as kark and foreboding, and push giant complex bureacratic SOCIALISTIC plans to solve everything. The Pachy's are much more upbeat, see the country's good points and try to cut taxes and reduce the size of government so the people can be free to achieve their own goals. USA!!, USA!!, USA!!

  8. Well, here I go again. I have to bring up as an example of how the far left wackos and their adoring media is when they interview not one of their own. Charley Gibson was so condenscending as he could have been. I am glad he asked all of the hard questions that he did because he didn't give her a break at all. I think after that interview she should be put to rest as our nominated VP. She did amazingly great dealing with Charles over the glass rim stares at her. When he asked her about the Bush doctrine people are asking Charlie "Which one"?
    There are four and they wonder why Sarah looked a little confused by the ridiculous question. Her answer was close to "as the fair and balanced news media I watch which said" it was the fourth Bush doctrine.
    Look what the show the "View" did to McCAin. I swear Barbara Walters turned into Satan along with a few of the smaller demons surrounding McCain. I recall an interview they had with Barry and Michelle and they were fawning all over them. This country needs to get back to a fair and balanced media which may never happen and thats why talk radio is so popular because they bring up all of the lies and inconsistencies that the media is spouting. Listen to Rush, Michael Medved, Dennis Praeger, Al Rantel, Sean Hannity, Larry Elder, to name a few. There are no liberal talk show hosts out there because they spout nothing but anger, hate, disrespect, and lots of whining. They don't make it because people are smart. Too smart for them to try and fool by their foul language and their tearing down repeatedly of our president and our country. Whether people agree or disagree with Bush you don't put a sitting president down ever in my book. Especially one who has honored our Oval Office and our White HOuse during his presidency.

  9. Well, you might want to talk with John and Sarah then. They are talking the talk like they are not going to be "business as usual" once in DC. John is even boasting about his tendencies many years ago of bucking hiis own party. Does this put the Republican platform in jeopardy or is John just boasting to convince you he is something he is not? Maybe "Change is Coming" means they plan on painting the White house or recovering the seats in Congress.

    I want to hear where McCain and Palin stand on issues. Not hear them drone on about change and then not tell us how they plan to do it. According to Senator McCain, in an interview you should probably watch, Sarah's years living in Alaska right close to the USSR plus her in and out, on again, off again relationship with Big Oil is all the foreign policy experience she needs.

  10. Seriously, Gary, nobody believes the party platform, not Obama, Biden, McCain, Palin, or the folks who ran in 2004, 2000...

  11. Its like I have said many times in the past---its the CONGRESS that has the power. Its the congress that passes the out of balance budgets, its congress that passes the legislation with the huge spending attachaments (aka as pork barrel spending, or the current name of ear marking), how long has the current democratic majority been in?? I havn't heard diddly about the so called middle class tax cut the Liberal socialists (aka democrats) keep harping about. We need more oil, yet Pelosi, refuses to even let the current bans about drilling offshore expire. We Americans who love our country need to put aside our party affiliations and start putting the memmbers of congress's feet to the fire and demand some action---and I think Senator McCain and Gov. Palin are much more prone to do that than the Haavard guy that the liberal socialists nominated.

  12. " We Americans who love our country need to put aside our party affiliations and start putting the memmbers of congress's feet to the fire and demand some action---"

    You aid the intense polarization of this country and then ask us to put aside our party affiliations. All in the same sentence.

    And in the meantime you show your disdain for the other side you ask to help you by using Freeper 101 tactics. Gary, you only seem to want any opposing view to see it your way. That is what I think you mean by "dropping our differences". I drop mine but you don't have to drop yours. And that in a nutshell is the problem I have with many from both sides of the aisle.

    You have no idea what Palin will do. The two sides of the story of her experiences as both govenror and mayor of Wasilla indicate enough differences that what she might do is up to serious debate. And McCain has been a good party fall in line guy 90% of the time. How you figure they are more likely to change things is beyond me.

  13. I'm for smaller government,I'm for states rights, I'm for Bringing democracy to the world. I am not for bigger and more complex welfare programs --I am for "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, --I'm not for I'm poor so give it to me free handouts. Thats why I am a Republican, and not a member of the leftist controlled Democratic Party.

  14. You picked the wrong party then Gary. Neither party is really interested in anything other than retaining power and/or regaining power. Both are for bigger government but in different ways.

    I did not hear any whining from the Right when the Supreme Court usurped States Rights and gave the election to Bush without due process according to the rules they themselves lord over. Actually I heard cheering from the Right as the Supreme Court, acting as an agent of the US government, shot down Forida's right to deal with the election stupidity in their own courts first. If anything pointed out the hypocrisy of the Republican mantra of small government and states rights, that one decision and the Republican response surely did. Then we have all the issues many on the Right want the US government to resolve for us. Screw the states working it out first. Abortion, flag burning, gay issues - the Republican wish list for change that circumnavigates the States is getting rather large.

    I don't look to one or two line catch phrases to define what I want of my leaders. Before I want small government, I want responsible government. And so far it is as if by accident when either of them step up and responsibly govern.

    Where is it stated anywhere that it is our duty to cram our system of government down the throats of the rest of the World? I'm for letting them find their own political heaven in their own way and we follow our own dream. Your "bringing democracy to the world" might be clashing with your assertion that you are for "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". I am sure there are many citizens of other countries who feel that our interference is standing in the way of their pursuit of happiness, life and certainly liberty.

  15. The Mccain campaign dishes it out just as much as Obama's campaign.


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