Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A couple "Hot House" items At Matilija

I so enjoyed Judi's pics of HER orchid I felt I should show off mine as well. I live about 115 miles north of Judi's Palace on Shogun Mountain---(north side of Greater Los Angeles), but we have a modicum of success with Orchids here too. Both mine and Judi's orchids are commonly called "Moth or Butterfly" orchids---the blossoms last a long time. Here below is a pic of My Orchid plant, and the nice looking woman in the Pic is my lovely niece Tish, who came up from Irvine to have lunch with  me and my friend Midge Lebell.


  1. Beautiful picture. This is the third set of Orchids I have gotten since last year. The plant just keeps on going.

  2. Gary
    That is gorgeous.
    How I wish I had a green thumb.
    My kids tell everyone that Mom's silk plants even die in the house.
    They have learned over the years to give poinsettia plants to me on December 24th so there will be blooms on Christmas day.

    Bear((( )))

  3. Thanks Gary for the nice complement. I had a great time. Long overdue. xx

  4. Orchids are so beautiful. A neighbor that just moved gave me hers, but no blossoms yet. I will have to share with you if I ever get any. Your niece is a beautiful young lady.

  5. Oh Gary, your orchids are gorgeous (and the woman too)! I like orchids but do you not think 'tis a pity they are without perfume ? For me, a beautiful flower without perfume has something unfinished.


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