Friday, September 12, 2008

Ready or Not, Here I Come

I received a rather cryptic comment on my previous post, to the effect, "You have been Tagged!!" My first immediate reaction to reading that comment was , oh my goodness my computer has somehow been infected with a virus---but I quickly ascertained that no, my computer was functioning just fine. I then went about my normal routine, checking the news of the day, then turning to my list of daily read blog sites (you see the list of them on my sidebar to the right--(warning not all of these listed blogs are "to the right")

I finally linked into MRMacrum's "Life In The Bozone"----and reading his latest post , the cryptic comment was made clear----I had been tagged with a Meme. (clap my hands and verbally yell "OOOOH YEAH!!"). Some bloggers think memes are a pain in the butt, and complain bitterly about them. Others, myself included, enjoy memes, and feel kinda warm and toasty when one of my online friends lays one on me----ya all know how little preschool kids when they like ya will hit ya?---well its kinda like that. ----So-o-o, there is only one thing one can do with a Meme----play it as it lays, and pass it on (those that follow my blog are already getting nervous as they know that one of the major attributes of any good meme is , it is mandatory to pass it on to others, so as Telly Savales might say, "Guess who loves ya baby!!?"


1. Where was I ten years ago?

Ten years ago today (Sept. 12th, 1998) I was right here where I am right now. Living in the same house, pretty much doing the same stuff today that I did then. Ten years back the address read Van Nuys, Ca. whereas today its Valley Glen, Ca. (Only the names of the town have changed, but otherwise its the same warm wonderful zip code ).

2. What was on my To Do list today?

Being a senior sort of person, I don't carry around a day planner and create and follow formal "To Do lists". My life is somewhat more under control and my mental state such that I can usually remember what needs to be done on a given day. Today being a Friday, I don't have to go to the grocery store, I don't have to do fluff n fold (did that yesterday on Thursday---and for what that's worth it went well, but I digress) I don't have to figure out what is for dinner tonight, (Its the LP's call---The LP sets the evening menus for Tues, Wed, Friday and Sunday's, whereas I get that fun chore the other nights of the week) The only think I HAVE to do is Cook the evening meal. (once the LP tells me what it is to be). Some might say I have to stay in the house and be on the alert to any medical emergency the LP might have, but I don't think of that as being Mandatory---so much as well that's just a part of being together. Too, one might say I HAVE to read all my blogger friends posts, lay down comments on each and every one, have to post something new on my own blog------but again those are not mandatory things, those things come under the heading of having hobbies, having friends, and if I do or don't on a given day, the world doesn't come crashing down---in short not mandatory.

3. What would I do if I were a billionaire?

I read this question and almost immediately in my mind flash on the song from "High Society" sung by Celeste Home and Frank Sinatra, the lyrics going, "Who wants to be a millionaire??---I Do,----with flashy flunkies everywhere?---I do!!------. As my buddy MRMacrum answered this question and I quote, "Well duh. Spend it" I know I am suppose to put out a more detailed how would I spend it kinda answer---okaaay. Well initially I would be rather totally self absorbed and selfish, buy up some huge amount of acreage, build me MY version of "Hearst's Castle", and then I would go about doing what I could to bring about world peace and elimination of poverty.

4. Five places I've lived:

Its a vicious rumor that my parents were gypsies----but it is true we did move a lot. I was born in a small coal mining town in Pennsylvania (it was a tuesday if memory serves). Since then I have lived in Gary, In., Fontana, Ca., Pueblo, Co., Sault Ste, Marie, Ont. Can., Boulder, Co., Ft Riley in Junction City Ka. (a bunch of addresses while in the army--including foreign duty stations in Okinawa, and El Paso, Tx.), Reseda, Ca., Colorado Springs, Co., Woodland Hills, Ca., and since 1981 have been residing here on the same block of Matilija ave, here in Valley Glen, which used to be a part of Van Nuys, Ca.,------guess I over killed on my answer, sorry about that.

5. Bad habits:

This kind of question calls upon an individuals honesty and integrity to answer ----I guess I could plead the 5th amendment here---but then everyone would conclude I am hiding something----and actually although I am not perfect, I like to think I am, so admitting my flaws really hurts me, yet I do want to answer honestly. (sigh, whats a boy to do??) Okaaaay, I have a really bad habit of eating to fast, giving the impression that I am afraid somebody is going to steal my plate before I can eat it. Invariably this leaves me with an empty plate while others around me are only half done----it does get me to the head of the line for seconds.---it also 8 times outta 10 has me reaching for the Rolaids a bit later. I also have a bad habit of leaping to conclusions before someone talking to me finishes their remarks and begin a mental position of how I am going to respond to their remarks and while doing so fail to hear the rest of their remarks, which ultimately completely changes what I had assumed they were going to say---(you may recall the hilarious comic routine the late Gilda Radner did----expressing an argument about something she THOUGHT had been said only to hear the speaker had said something else---and once it was made clear to her---she would announce, "oooh??---nevermind". I can relate to that skit and being in that position, she must have had me in m ind when she wrote it. But enough about my flaws (my ego can't handle anymore true confessions today) .

Now of course to complete my participation in this "Tag YOUR IT" meme, is to tag five others , and alert them that they have been tagged and the bloggosphere is holding its breath to hear their answers-----and the winners are--??--- Sue, Bonnie, Rose Patti and Tish. I have linked their names to their Blog Pages so that dear readers you can explore their sites and judge for yourself the nature of these fun people.


  1. Gary:
    Your answers to the Meme (how is Meme pronounced by the way?) are some of the best I have ever read.
    So you lived for a time in the Soo (Sault St. Marie, Ontario.)
    When was that, for how long a time and what did you think about all of us Canucks?
    Curious minds and bears want to know.

    Bear((( )))

  2. Bear: I lived in the Soo, June,1956 through Sept,1958. I found you Canucks to be quite Okay in my book. While living in Sault Ste. Marie, I worked for the Foundation Co. of Canada, who was constructing the Mannesman Tube Mill, in the fall of 1958 I returned to Boulder,Colorado, to take another couple semesters of University education---,finally deciding Universityh was not my thing and so enlisted in the army in 1960 for a three year hitch.

  3. Gary,

    My home town is 250 miles away from the Soo in North Bay Ontario. I have some relatives in the Soo still. I visit that part of the world every couple of years.

  4. Meme rhymes with dream, theme, scheme:-)

  5. Thanks for tagging me, Gary. I feel honored. Now I have something to blog about. You are the man :)

  6. Thanks for letting me play this time Gary, I feel so special now!

  7. Oh how fun! I've never been tagged before. Thanks, Gary!

  8. As the youngest of 3 boys, I had to learn to eat fast, or no seconds. Mom would serve Dad and herslf, then toss the food down our way. No seconds until the first helping was gone. I fine tuned my ability to eat at 20,000 RPM later in Military School. Only a few meals were fit to eat, so everyone loaded up on those. I actually think I broke records back then. Bottom line, eating too fast was not a bad habit for me, but a necessary weapon in my struggle to survive under arduous circumstances.

  9. I was just at Sue's blog (it's amazing how many blogs you and I have in common) and I saw where you thought I was miffed at you.

    You "thought" I was miffed at you? Come on!! I don't get MIFFED, I get POSTAL, and you would KNOW it.

    Nah. I can't be miffed at the man I had my very first crush on where blogging is concerned.

    I just haven't been getting around very well lately.


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