Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The American public bought into the change idea some two years back, changing the congress from Republican lead to Liberal Democrates being in control-----so here we are two years later, and everything is going to hell in a hand basket, and the democratic controlled congress is in full dither-----oh my gowd, oh my gowd-----and of course aside from pontificating on all their gripes and worries, and negativity in general ---doing what they have done for the last two years-----nada, nothing, zipp, zilch.----its the modern day vesion of "fiddling while Rome burns"---Pelosi, and Reid, the two leaders in congress presiding over the house and the senate respectively----are putting on the best "Punch and Judy" show ever.
Meanwhile out on the hustings, Barrack Obama, is proclaiming how this is all the fault of George Bush, (the man doesn't seem to understand its the congress who creates and passes all the budgets, and its been democratic budgets for the last two years that have created the mess we are in-----), is he trying to be bipartisian?---no, hell he's not even in washington trying to solve the problem, but then he hasn't been in washington now for the better part of two years, he has been busy promoting himself as being the American choice for president. (two years he has been at this and he STILL doesn't have half the votes ---and how many hundreds of millions of dollars has he spent so far?? not to fear the AFL/CIO is gonna throw in a billion dollars to back his candidacy (they want them rigtht to work laws made illegal, forcing all workers to joing unions. or forget working.)
Frankly I say----let the subprime market collapse, no point the taxpayers should have to pay for the green and stupidity of investors looking to make obsceene profits.


  1. Gary, I gotta say after today, I'm frankly sick of both parties! How in the world did we get into the mess we're took a lot longer than the last two years. But it sure hasn't improved any in the last two years, either. Let's kick 'em all out and start fresh.

  2. Sounds like an outstanding idea to me Patty!


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