Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Tonight at the Republican convention, Gov. Palin, will address the convention, not to mention the entire United States and I am sure most of the rest of the world.. Since the announcement by John McCain, that he has nominated her as his running mate, I have watched the leftist media, literally froth at the mouth, stunned, almost in a total panic, unable to decide how to deal with her reality. A self proclaimed "Hockey Mom", but one who has also been a Mayor of a small town, but worked her way up through the political ranks, and got herself elected Governor, as a Mayor, got things done for her town, as Governor weeded out the corruption when she found it, got property taxes lowered (not a politician that nobly speaks of doing such things ---but doing them.
The liberals don't get it---THEY THINK, she was nominated to garner the votes of the unhappy Hillary women (the donks believe that women stick together and vote for each other I guess), but NO, that's not why she was selected? She was selected because she has a track record of getting things done, regardless of which party she is dealing with, its just happens to be a fact that she is a women , a hockey mom, and a proud member of the NRA----In short she is the Liberal leftists Boogyman-----
Tonight she addresses the Republican convention as the nominee for Vice President of the Richest, most powerful, most open democracy in the history of the world---and the entire country, and the world will listen to her speech----listen to the "USA" chants ----tonight I think will be most interesting for us all----regardless of party affiliation---Damn I love the USA.


  1. I am very excited. Leaving work early so as not to miss one minute of the convention.

  2. I have to tell ya Gary...I have NEVER voted for a president. Oh..I know I should, but I've never felt strongly enough about any candidate to do so....untill now. In the past I've just felt all politicians were crooks and liars and I just didnt' get involved in all the hoopla of the conventions...untill now.
    I've been listening to all the talk shows on the raidio (Rush, Shawn Hannity and some local ones here in TN) for the past three months while I'm at work every day and I've learned quite a few new things about politics. After what I've been hearing and seeing in the news in the last couple of days I'm just sick of the one sided coverage the media is giving this election. How can they attack a candidate like they have Sara Palin? Only because she's a woman...and that's the ONLY reason. The media not only attacks Mrs.Palin, they have the balls to attack her CHILDREN!!! It reminds me of what happened to Princess Diana!
    They (the media) all but swept the facts about John Kerry's affair while his wife was dying of cancer under the rug! If it wasn't for the National Inquirer..we wouldn't know about it at all. I have the convention on right now and plan on watching it all evening. It should prove to be very interesting indeed!

  3. Today people do not trust the media---get your information from several sources, left and right---get the facts and with the facts you can decide for yourself which is best. and then vote-----less than fifty percent of eligible voters vote----and they wonder why we have the congress we got?? its time to clean house and get the old bums out of our congress---(lol) we need new bums.

  4. I am totally won over by the Reformer Republicans! Sarah Palin is a winning choice and proof of McCain's good sense.

  5. I am so amazed at everyone's excitement over the upcoming elections. I don't understand it, but I'm amazed anyway.

    I've always been one to vote; make my desires known, and sometimes my desires got voted in, sometimes they didn't.

    So it boils down to (in my mind) cest le vie and what will be will be and my vote doesn't count anyway.

    Especially in this election.

    I don't think there's a doubt who will be elected and if someone as incongruous as Oprah can swing the majority vote by crying on television, well, just give me my rights to bear arms, and a place to build my shack in the woods; plenty of drinking water of my computer, and I'll be fine. Yeah. Fine. Just fine. Like usual.

  6. Sue, I believe you're referring to an extramarital affair between John Edwards and Rielle Hunter (admitted by Mr. Edwards last month). John Kerry's first wife, Julia Thorne, died of cancer in 2006, but by then she and Kerry had been divorced 18 years, and both had remarried.

  7. I love this woman. A regular person, not an attorney, not a community organizer, (whatever they do) someone who has actually gotten things done, taken on her own party, and frankly has made me prouder than ever to be an American. Its amazing how the media and the donks can tear this country down and compare us to the evil empire when they are speaking to Europeans abroad: ie; Jimmy Carter, William Jefferson Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, etc. etc. etc. As far as I'm concerned we were made proud once more by the positive attitudes of this "Grank Ole Party". God Bless America. Let the Games begin. She is someone who can give us real CHANGE and freshness to the Washington Insiders and our White House. Go get um Barracuda!!!

  8. That is so funny! When the Democrats want change, they are "tearing this great country down" but when the Republicans want change, it's good? Are you implying that there is something wrong with the US of A????

    And when you say "Washington Insiders" you must be including McCain, right?

    Also, as an Arizonan, I know a lot about McCain's background. Can you say "Keating scandal?" Can you remember when he divorced the wife who waited for him to come home from Viet Nam, after she had a serious accident which left the former beauty queen disfigured?

    Now, as the party of Family Values, if a Democratic woman had an infant with special needs and a knocked-up teen, I'm sure you all would have given her a big hug and said, "You go girl!" right? I just know you wouldn't have suggested that she should have been home taking care of her children. Heck, no.

    I LOVE this quote: "I've been listening to all the talk shows on the raidio (Rush, Shawn Hannity and some local ones here in TN) for the past three months while I'm at work every day and I've learned quite a few new things about politics. After what I've been hearing and seeing in the news in the last couple of days I'm just sick of the one sided coverage the media is giving this election." Yes, all that liberal media, like Rush, and Shawn Hannity, FOX news . . .

    Ha ha ha. You people crack me up. Oh well, God Bless the "grank old party." Because, as we all know, God is a Republican.

  9. I haven't been around here much, because although it is fun in a way, it gets old having a battle of wits with unarmed opponents.

  10. A lot of people have been making such a big deal about the dgt being pregnant. I was pregnant and unmarried at 19 and my mom never worked and raised 6 kids. I am sure I was a disappointment at the time but I married and have a great life. But back to the the critics. Let those who have never had sex in their teens flap their mouths otherwise everyone else that spread their legs or unzipped their pants keep their mouths shut. I can almost hear the silence now.

  11. The Donks only offer us more National welfare dependency programs, and the enlargement of the government buracracy---I prefer to get rich on my own and not wait for government handouts, I'm a republican. (Politics aside, I am glad your back home and hope Gustave did not cause your home any damage, and hope things get back to normal for you and yours.)

  12. Love LOVE her! I'm only learning about her accomplishments now but so far I'm impressed. I think she is a great compliment to the ticket.

  13. Kathi D:---you have a blogger profile, but do not list your blog?? why is that?

  14. So Gary - with your insistence we find out the facts and make up our own minds, I was wondering if you are a believer in "do as I say, not as I do".

    Since 2002 - the numbers of people working for a US government pay check has increased from 12.1 million to 14.6 million. But maybe you are using a kind of new math from some no child left behind program. Or maybe this increase under a Republican Congress for most of it and under W's ever blind eye can somehow be blamed on the Democrats. A larger government that spends more is always the fault of the Democrats. The last 7 plus years is proof of that.

  15. You make a good point MRMacrum, would you care to break that down as to where these government workers are working? Military, IRS, the Welfare Prograsm offices or just where? The McCain/Palin team wish to decrease this number----How does Obama stand on this issue?

  16. You break it down. Find your own facts. Certainly any I find for you will be discounted as coming from someone who would wish to tear this country down and spit on it. That is your not in so many words accusation on my blog. But then at least I have the balls to come back to a post and face the response. It's not water over the dam for me.

  17. Gary...I suspect Kathi D doesn't want us to comment on her blog " because although it is fun in a way, it gets old having a battle of wits with unarmed opponents." You know CAN have a decent conversation and NOT insult people! As for your statement, " If a Democratic woman had an infant with special needs and a knocked-up teen, I'm sure you all would have given her a big hug and said, "You go girl!" right? I just know you wouldn't have suggested that she should have been home taking care of her children. Heck, no." You're right...I wouldn't have suggested she stay home! I don't care what party she is in, the statement is sexist and I don't agree with it. I find your flippent statement that
    "as we all know, God is a Republican" very offensive. As for your "I haven't been around here much, because although it is fun in a way, it gets old having a battle of wits with unarmed opponents"...I, for one haven't missed you!

  18. To El Cerdo Ignatius: Yes, you're right, I did mean John Edwards. Thanks for pointing that out for me...guess I got my John's mixed up. lol

  19. @Sue: Mr. Edwards and Mr. Kerry are interchangeable in many ways, but I might suggest a little caution in the future when referring to a politician's marital infidelity. That is, if it has to be referred to at all - of which I am not convinced. We don't have to vote for these guys, but we should be fair to them.

    @Kathi D.: I haven't been around here much, because although it is fun in a way, it gets old having a battle of wits with unarmed opponents. Just thought I'd mention that there's generally one particular party in America that wishes for its friends and opponents alike to be unarmed, and - hint - it's not the Republican Party.

    @Gary and Macrum: Gary, Macrum has a completely legitimate point. (Actually, he has several.) Spending on programs that are NOT non-discretionary (such as Social Security) and NOT military-related has increased dramatically under President Bush and the former ridiculous Republican Congress. Together, they have done incredible damage to the Republican (and even the plain "conservative") brand by spending like drunken sailors on completely unnecessary programs. Yes, I know, it's the Congress that ultimately determines how much gets spent on what, but it's the President who sends a budget to Congress in the hopes that they will pass it. If you require sources to back this statement up, Gary, there is the Congressional Budget Office website, as well as any number of conservative and liberal sites alike that actually break down the numbers. (Peter Robinson, I believe, on National Review Online, posted a graph with some numbers on it, and was highly critical of the GOP and Bush because of the unnecessary spending hikes. Yes, on NRO.) The fact of the matter is that although the Democrats are, for the most part, very big spenders themselves, they are not responsible for the budget mess of the past seven years. What's worse, the deficits caused by spending have opened a door of opportunity often used by liberals: they are blaming the deficits not on high spending, but on tax cuts. If they bothered checking (which I think they have), they would discover that US federal government revenues have actually risen substantially since 2002. Translation: blaming the tax cuts is dishonest. But again, with the GOP at the wheel of the ship, and deficits in the hundreds of billions of dollars per year, the Democrats seize the chance and blame policies they don't like (like tax cuts) and ignore trends they do like (such as massive increases in federal spending).

  20. El Cerdo Ignatius - I know all we have to go on is the previous track record of either party. Combined with whatever plan is put forth for future endeavors. The Democrats did have a spend spend mentality. But that was then and this is now. What we need is real change and so far, only Obama has specifically outlined his ideas to make that happen. All I hear from the McCain camp are generic promises to shake things up. Bring down th egood ole boys network, blah, blah blah. But in the end, hardly anything with meat on it has been proposed to acheive this upheval they are promising.

    I would rathe rback a candidate who appears serious and pragmativc about changing our direction. Fiscal responsibilities are important as are addressing the specific problems Americans face day to day. All this will cost money. Obama does not seem to be overreaching with his promise to give us our cake and eat it too. What some see as waffling when he talks about the possibility of changing his mind when faced with reality, I see as being pragmatic and not painting him or us into a corner.

    Bottom line for me is I am tired of the chants of smaller government, fiscal responsibilty, and protecting our freedoms when what I have seen these past 28 years is anything but.

    Reagan sheperded the largest tax cut in history. It was followed by the largest tax increase in history to that point. Yes, he had a Deomcratic Congress to deal with. But rather than fight the good fight, he signed off with nary a whimper. I may not have liked the man, but I respect the fact he faced reality and did what he had to do to keep things moving along.

    And that is when I decided that neither party could be trusted to walk the walk they promised. And now I have to decide who is better to walk that walk. The republicans have had their chance. It's time for them to ride the pine for awhile. Maybe a time out will bring back some sanity to the party I grew up in.

  21. Macrum: Actually, your final sentiment expressed here - that the Republicans can only get sane again once they have been comprehensively defeated - is one I totally understand.

  22. I was going to say, "Any idiot could locate my blog by looking at my blogger profile."

    But I guess I have to amend that to "ALMOST any idiot . . . "

  23. (sigh) like an idiot I did click on your icon with your comment and that did get me to your profile---no blog listed?? (I feel so used)

  24. I'm sorry, Gary. Being un-computer savvy isn't the same as being an idiot, and I shouldn't have made that glib comment. (I couldn't resist.)

    You have to look to the left where it says "My Web Page." That will direct you to my website and my blog, which is

    You are more than welcome there, to hang out, read, enjoy, and comment. However, I will caution you that I have the ability and the inclination to delete comments that have nothing to do with my content, and are only there to lambaste me for what I say elsewhere.

    Your blog entries clearly invite controversy, and I often bite and supply you some. My blog is more of my "happy place." If I make a blog entry inviting controversy, feel free to have at it. Otherwise, stick to the topic.

    I feel no guilt whatsoever at deleting comments that make me unhappy in my "happy place."

  25. By the way, you will notice that when I comment on your grocery shopping blog entries, or your health worry entries, I don't slap you around and argue with you, because you haven't invited argument.

    As Sarah Palin said about Senator McClain, I don't go looking for fights, but I won't back away from one.

  26. P.S. You really should visit me over there, Gary.


    You will love them.

    As I do, even though this morning I have cleaned up pee, stopped them several times from chewing on inappropriate objects, cautioned them to leave their big (dog) sister alone, and am suffering from a general lack of sleep.

  27. Oh, and the reason I have a blogger profile is that originally my blog was on the blogger platform, before I moved it to my own domain.

    By that time, I had established my blogger profile by using it in my comments everywhere, and it's easy to just click on that in "select profile" and continue to use it.

    They don't let you list your blog under "My Blogs" unless it's a Blogger blog. So I list mine to the left where it says "My website."

    Again, sorry for the cheap shot. I grew up with three older brothers, so I had to learn sarcasm to survive.


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