Thursday, September 18, 2008

"A Nation of Village Idiots" Says The Huffington Post.

     The extreme leftist liberal media which directs and controls the Obama Clique of the Democratic Party , headlined their attack of the day, calling us  (US being the USA) and I quote, "A Nation of Village Idiots".  This is typical of the nature of their attempt to tear down our government, create confusion and chaos, then grandly promote THEY'RE solutions.  (always more and more control of the largess given away to those that can't or won't work for a living---if these poor souls are dependent on the govermenment handouts (aka welfare), then they are more likely not to rock the boat and continue to vote the party that feeds them.) 
     Those who dissagree with this "if your poor ask for more" mindset, -----well the Leftists are very quick to dismiss you as being, poorly educated, therefore unable to understand the proble, and most likely to stupid to be allowed to vote.-----thus in the heat of the political debate there headline is calling the Majority of us "A Nation of Village Idiots".  (so unless you were educated at one of the Ivy League schools, your one of the village idiots---probabely so stupid you actually believe one is suppose to work and earn ones living, when all smart people know all one has to do is belly up to the goverment trough and wave one's rice bowl. and be happy and do as told.  
     Well this "village idiot " is PROUD of my Country, Proud of its Military, Proud of its History, Proud that I have paid my own way in Life, earned every damn dime I was paid and managed to save.  I cost the government nothing---but I am damn angry seeing the Leftists keep shoveling out the freebies trying to make my fellow village idiots enslaved by welfare---once you sign up for welfare-----your doomed to continue to be dependent on others to give ya handouts.
     What all are the leftist liberal media saying?, check out my earlier post "For a giggle read the Huffington post"


  1. There are lots of voices. I don't think that everyone who is smitten by McCain/Palin is an idiot. Wrong, yes. Still -

    (Stolen from Rev. Jo Page in Metroland:)

    They like her because she was a wannabe beauty queen who made it into Vogue in her 40s. They like her because she knows her way equally around a shotgun and a breast pump. They like her for her pouffy-do and motorboat windshield glasses.

    At a rally in Missouri, Former Clinton supporter Ann Breshears told the Wall Street Journal why she now supports Palin: “She’s like the people I know. Her husband snowmobiles. We drive tractors and fly airplanes.”

    Spoken like another thoughtful voter.

    ...when she described her job as a small-town mayor. “It’s sort of like a ‘community organizer,’ ” she said, “except that you have actual responsibilities.” (And nobody seems to know who said it first, but I love the retort: “Jesus was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor.”)

  2. Amen, Gary, I couldn't have said it any better. I have never had a hand out from the government and probably never will. If I'm a village idiot, so be it. Without us "idiots" the government couldnt' give out "freebies".

  3. Roger, I respectfully disagree with you. Jesus was not a community organizer. He could actually be called a REFORMER, now that I think about it.

    And the brilliant person who first said the Jesus/Pilate quote was Steve Cohen, a Congressman from Memphis, I'm embarrassed to say. That's real productive (and so typical of the extreme left) ... comparing Sarah Palin to Pontius Pilate.

  4. Link to the actual article

  5. No one can deny the role of the USA in the world today however what my real concern is where the world is heading to? That what the future USA'sadministration should take into consideration as this might help in securing the country.

    (Off topic) I didn't like hacking into Palin's e-mail witheir I agree with her point of view or not.

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