Thursday, September 25, 2008

NoObama flunked leadership yet again.

First he screwed up and snubbed the wounded troops on his Grand Publicity tour of Europe., allowed himself to be seen publicly snubbing the American flag by not putting his hand over his heart when the star spangled banner was played, then when invited by McCain to stop campaigning and both of them return to Washington to deal with the crisis, "The One" refused, preferring to continue to grandstand on the hustings, and only when ordered back by the president did he quickly stammer his decision to go back to Washington (I wonder if he knows the way and I wonder too, if he is charging the trip to congress or if he's using some of the Labor Unions funds for that purpose.----I'm sorry its apparent Barrack isn't able to handle emergencies as a good leader would---he would rather pontificate, and hem and haw and wait to see which way to decide that would best make him look good.----now if we can just get the
other "Do nothings" in the democratic controlled congress to make a decision.


  1. Didn't ya hear Gary...he said he'd come if he was "needed"...what a joke! He obviously thinks more of himself than he does of the people of this country! Makes me wonder who is handeling this guy...cause they are doing a terriable job of advising him, either that or he is too dumb to realize it how inept he looks to the public by his acitons and words.

  2. But the most OBVIOUS thing is: WE DON'T NEED HIM back at the Whitehouse with this problem. He has no idea what could be the cause of it or how to fix an already broken system.


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