Thursday, September 4, 2008

We Watched and We were WOWed!!

Last night the Country got to meet Sarah Palin-----and HELLO!! A new star is born. For four days the leftist elitist media looked down on her, comparing her small town to being hicksville, they painted her daughter as being some dumb kid who was pregnant to spite her Mothers doing her best to teach her abstinence (like anyone know a teenager that does what his parents say without a major argument?), they vilified her beliefs, laughed at her experience and in general laughed at her------.
Well after last nights speech----nobody on the left is laughing anymore----they are absolutely terrified, this woman (Sara Palin) is the liberal leftists worst nightmare. A woman that has raised a family, just like every other married woman has. She has also has a career. She is the epitome of what most all women would love to be in spite of the political views.
Women who have been life long Pro Abortion as well as Pro Life---both agree, Sara Palin has the best chance of someday being President of the United States, and having heard her speech last night---are both in her camp, their abortion differences laid aside. The Liberal left has done more than unite the Conservative right wing of the Republican party----they have pissed off every adult female in the country with their overhanded attempts at Trashing Sara Palin. Who is going to defend the Elitist Liberal left now?
Last night, Sara Palin knocked on right out of the Ballpark---and is the epitome of the song lyric, --"I am Woman Hear ME Roar---what we got here is a living breathing Hockey Mom, independent thinker, -----the woman next door that everyone can relate to and understand---and she speaks out with good old American plain talk---not that six syllable Haavard elitist crap.


  1. She rocked the place! No little wall flower there...just a woman on a mission who's not afraid to speak her mind. I'm sure the Obama camp is scrambling to do damage control...not that it will work! She told it like it is...something Obama is not able to do.

  2. Sue is absolutely right. So refreshing - a person with humor, intelligence and compassion.

  3. "Women who have been life long Pro Abortion as well as Pro Life---both agree, Sara Palin has the best chance of someday being President of the United States, and having heard her speech last night---are both in her camp, their abortion differences laid aside."

    First: it is Pro-CHOICE, not pro abortion. And I'd like to know where you got this info. I don't know anyone who jumped over to her bandwagon )or will), especially where pro-life is concerned.

  4. Wow! Wow! Wow! I loved everything about her and even though the far left liberals hate the REpublicans, they have to say they can't even come close with their candidates. They will try to dig up something on her and I know that this one sided media has had reporters up in Alaska trying to dig up something on her and have yet to do so. I think its disgusting and you are right Gary, it will boomerang on them.

  5. Kenju---my apologies for my phrasology---I don't much follow the PC stuff, all I know is people are either for abortions (mostly the left and the crowd that thinks sex is for recreational purposes first and foremost), and those that are Against Abortions (mostly the Right and the crowd that thinks a women should have no say in the matter) ON this issue I say its a decision that a family and ultimately the woman shold be allowed to make, and to hell with religion and politics on the matter. Its definitely not somethign the government should dictate.

  6. I second that!! This could be an exciting time.

  7. So you are Pro-Abortion, uh, I mean Pro-Choice then? Mixing up the two cannot be discounted with "Uh I don't know this PC stuff". Contrary to the definition the holier than thou legislate a woman's reproductive rights away crowd would have you beleive, Pro-Choice does not mean Pro-Abortion. Get a clue.

  8. All I can say is stupid is as stupid does.

  9. I so enjoyed her speech ... Palin Power!

  10. She made a hit with me and I am Pro Life! She is strong and can hold her own with any liberal out there! I wonder if Obama is up for this fight? I also enjoyed the speeches of Huckabee, whom I don't really like, and Mayor Rudy. The Jabs at the liberals were perfect!

    I am not a fan of John McCain but I think he is the better of two evils and Sarah Palin is warming up the ticket.....I'll vote for him now.

  11. BTW- It's Sarah, not Sara. she's atractive and intelligent. Don't agree with her on much of anything.
    I don't think it's PC to call groups or individualsvwhat he/she/it wants to be called. If they want to be pro-choice, or if he wants to be Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, then so be it.

  12. Pro-choice is just that. It is in favor of a WOMAN's right to choose to have the child or to terminate the pregnancy, both choices usually made on bended knee, with God in consultation. It should never, never, never have remained a political issue after Roe vs Wade Regardless, the McCain/Palin ticket has my vote because many other political issues of consequence are at stake.

  13. Whoo Hoo!!! I love it. Let's get the government out of the abortion business. Women's groups should set up free clinics funded by their generous friends to support abortions. I personally do not want my tax money paying for abortions. I support a right to choose but I don't want to be made a party of others personal choices.

  14. Gary
    In answer to your question re the sheets,
    almost all the packages that I have seen have the depth of the pocket marked on the package.
    The only ones that didn't have this info were the very inexpensive ones.

    Bear((( )))

  15. So, Gary. Are you saying (as a gay man) that you believe sex is for procreation only, unlike, and I quote,

    "the left and the crowd that thinks sex is for recreational purposes"


  16. No Kathi D, I'm human too, (I know you don't believe it but its true)---just saying that one extreme is as bad as the other---to many kids today feel that why not have sex, after all we got the pill, we got condoms and if all else fails we can always get an abortion kinda attitude-----my feeling is---maybe not planned for, but if ones mate becomes pregant, I think one should bite the bullet and allow the pregnancy to go full term, unless of courwe the pregnancy threatens the womens life.---but thats my personal thinking, I don't have the right to dictate that to anyone else, nor should the state.

  17. Then you are pro-choice, Gary, so why not just come out and say it?

    For the record, although the pro-life people don't like to say it, nobody is "for" abortion. Casting the decision as pro-life vs. pro-abortion makes it seem like one is good and one is evil, which is just as the pro-life people want it to read.

    Pro-choice means exactly that. The woman who is pregnant has the right to choose. Not you, not me, not the Supreme Court.

    For the record, I have never been pregnant, so, like you, all my sex has been recreational and not procreational. However, had I become pregnant, I know myself well enough to know that I personally could not have had an abortion. But I am not willing to take that choice away from every other pregnant woman.

    Pro-life means that even if you are brutally raped and beaten, you still have to carry that child to term, as long as the pregnancy itself won't kill you. Even if the fetus has no viability outside the womb, you have to carry it to term.

    Since you ARE pro-choice, Gary, why must you mock the "liberals" who are just like you in that choice?

    And if you don't want the state to decide who gets to have an abortion, you should think twice, and three times, about electing pro-life candidates who make no secret of wanting to appoint Supreme Court justices who will overturn Roe v. Wade and send women who desire abortions back to the butchers who have always been willing to do abortions whether they knew how to or not.

  18. I think if "Children" feel that they are responsible to have sex then they should be responsible to except the consiquences or the blessing of having a child. But I have never been in that situation so really what do I know? Rape is a whole different story. I do believe in a woman's right to choose. so I am Pro-Choice!

  19. Oh dang. A thread about abortion rights.

    I describe myself as pro-life. However, I would have serious reservations about making abortion 100% illegal 100% of the time.

    It is my personal belief (yours may vary) that if a woman has had consentual sex that she is granting rights to an unborn child (if pregnancy is the result). From that standpoint, I believe (unless the woman's health is in serious danger) that the unborn child's rights should be the overriding factor. But if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest, then consent has not been given willfully or legally for sex, and therefore an abortion should be legal. For moral reasons, though, I would counsel a woman in such a situation not to have an abortion (if I were approached for advice). Kathi D's sweeping contention that "[p]ro-life means that even if you are brutally raped and beaten, you still have to carry that child to term, as long as the pregnancy itself won't kill you," is patently false. As is the charge that being pro-choice equates with pro-abortion.

    The problem with making abortion illegal is that while you may achieve the result of many fewer abortions, the ones that continue will do so under illegal and likely unsafe conditions. That is something that should not be discounted as unimportant by anyone in the pro-life camp. I would rather see people value an unborn life and avoid abortion because they believe in life's sancticity, rather than avoid it because it's proscribed by law.

    Speaking of law, here are a few other thoughts:

    - An anti-abortion law would likely fail on constitutional grounds if the rights of the unborn are not defined first.

    - Roe v. Wade, as a question of law, was an absolutely ridiculous decision. The United States Constitution is silent on the matter of abortion - nowhere in the document is abortion enumerated or even suggested as a civil right. Section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States covers a lot of ground:
    - defines American Citizenship (at the time, this was for the benefit of former slaves);
    - prohibits the States from making laws that infringe on the citizens' civil rights;
    - affords the protection of Due Process of Law to citizens subject to action against them by the States;
    - guarantees equal protection of the laws.
    For the SCOTUS to use the Fourteenth Amendment as a means of legalizing abortion is a stretch. If the USA wants a constitutional right to abortion, it should pass an amendment so stating.

    - If Roe v. Wade were actually reversed, very little would change. It is not going to send women back to the alleys for their abortions, as Kathy D. alleges - it would simply permit the individual states to decide the matter either way. Some states might ban it, but I believe most would not.

    - Given the widespread use of the courts to create laws or conditions that were not intended by the legislatures, I completely understand why American conservatives are in favour of the appointment of strict constructionists to the Supreme Court.

    I shouldn't pretend to speak for Gary, but I think one of the reasons that conservatives mock pro-choice liberal politicians is because many of these politicians frame this issue as if abortion rights are more sacred than any other, and present the position that all choices (having the baby, keeping the baby, adoption, abortion) are equally good and moral. I have a great deal more respect for someone like President Clinton who said that abortion should be "safe, legal and rare", and for the commentarians here, because they acknowledge that an abortion is a disastrous event, but believe it should be legal for other reasons. I might disagree with their reasoning, but I respect its basis.


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